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Seeing as the MKII Apollo units were released in 2015, I wonder if it would be safe to assume that the newer Audient iD44 would...

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tkaitkai 7th June 2020
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Hi guyz here's how to use Console one with 3rd party plugins in Studio one Cubase coming next 9P5EEk9dOBE Thks...

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smartfreq 7th June 2020
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Hi everyone I need a soundcard for my Windows 7 PC. I only need 2 channel stereo output, nothing multichannel I have a...

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TomJackson 7th June 2020
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I've got a buddy with an old M-Audio MobilePre USB. The latest driver 1.8.1 (still pretty ancient) looks like it's 64-bit...

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PaulNose 7th June 2020
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Hi there I am running a quite old but still decent windows 10 (64-Bit) machine with a 6-core i7 980XE CPU on a Gigabyte...

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electro 6th June 2020
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Protools 7.4 w 003 Interface. Windows XP (Stop chuckling:) Hi. Haven't been here in a while but I've got the damndest problem...

George Marinelli
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George Marinelli 6th June 2020
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Does anybody have any experience with this, does it work?

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Salvesen 6th June 2020
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I think I already know the answer to this question but want to make sure before I start printing a bunch of individual tracks and...

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Shanktron 6th June 2020
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AIR Music Technology Hybrid 3 I've sent them a msg to confirm this isn't some trial version, seems suspicious/misleading - if...

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mickey13 6th June 2020
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I'm not tech stupid or daw stupid but aren't privy as to how I'd test this question (or I would have done it myself and reported...

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Hi Gearslutz.... After we had an hard debate in this forum about recreating the Beatles Sound it came into my mind that I never...

Deleted 99dc753
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Squeegee 303 6th June 2020
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I have MacBook Pro 2017 8Gb. I use Ableton and now starting to use Logic Pro X 10.5 Having some issues with MacBook being slow,...

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sambosun 6th June 2020
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Hey guys I have been doing a lot of research on where to invest next in my setup. After several years of upgrading my acoustic...

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Jonstudio 6th June 2020
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Hi, I am looking for an audio interface (USB or PCI express) that can do the following: Support ASIO VST playback with low...

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TomJackson 6th June 2020
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Does anyone have any experience with the SVALT Cooling Dock or...

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d.dot 6th June 2020
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Hey guys, is it possible to run a Thunderbolt 2 Dock on a PC that doesn't have TB, only USB-C??? I have a Thunderbolt 2 Dock...

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Yusif 5th June 2020
Avatar for KriticalMass

Corsair One pcs look ideal for DAW use on paper and while RTX gen models are very expensive, last gen GTX can be had pretty cheap...

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KriticalMass 5th June 2020
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Have a couple of rack U's left - am I missing something? Wavestation? O1/W? Looking for ideas for a weird digital rack synth....

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jg42 5th June 2020
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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 5th June 2020
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My "new" 2008 Mac Pro provides a 'trickle voltage' over firewire, even when the Mac is off. This is normal for this...

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radiowonderland 5th June 2020
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I have literally been waiting on this for many years now. KORG has finally updated their legacy synth plug in collection to have...

Deleted 94711a4
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Avatar for SkyPirate
SkyPirate 5th June 2020
Avatar for Jeffguitar

I have been literally afraid of the UBK1 comp for a long time. It just seemed so powerful and easy to mes up. But I happened...

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Jeffguitar 5th June 2020
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Good morning, afternoon, evening, night, whatever may be the case. Instead of asking which is the best DAW, because it's...

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lerian 5th June 2020
Avatar for b3player

Greetings, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on an MOTU 16L and an 828es. As I've been studying the AVB options, I have come...

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b3player 5th June 2020
Avatar for Anton2

I play lead using my acoustic Gibson. To make it sound a bit more electric I used Amp sim in Reaper. Would CLA guitars serve...

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Anton2 5th June 2020
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I’ve been using a Universal Audio Apollo 8 for a while now. The hardware is great, but I have some issues with the software,...

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marcedwards 5th June 2020
Avatar for Dave.R

all good now. thanks

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Dave.R 5th June 2020
Avatar for LukeAndListen

I just bought a refurbished HP Z400 workstation, quad core xeon, 8 gigs of memory.....will use pro tools and sonar x2 ....... ...

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braja 5th June 2020
Avatar for melodic dreamer

Got 10 songs in from a church where everything was recorded live, but in separate rooms, not isolated, but rather with distance....

melodic dreamer
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msmucr 5th June 2020
Avatar for razorboy

Are the failure rates of the various brands of PSUs published? If anyone knows, please advise. Thank you.

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CompaniesMessWu 5th June 2020
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Hello, all the Slutz of a good will! I've recently made a test and compared brand new Arturia OB-Xa and good ol' Sonic...

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Leveuho 5th June 2020
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Hi all, this is my first post. I’m curious of any plugin (synths, effects, anything) that you have come across and thought...

Deleted 5114a03
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Mootiv 5th June 2020
Avatar for ashashash

I’ve started using a MPC Studio with Pro Tools. Loading it as a plug-in in tools is simple, splitting outputs across multiple...

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ashashash 5th June 2020
Avatar for blahblah

Any Apogee Ensemble Firewire users here going for the upgrade to Thunderbolt? For those that don't know, you can trade in your...

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Boodmaster 5th June 2020
Avatar for Nola111

Hi, I have a project with a bridge that requires a very simple acoustic guitar part - downstrummed quarter notes alternating...

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VenVile 5th June 2020
Avatar for CalebR

Recently when recording I have notice my verses are slightly milliseconds out of time - this results in me nudging things into...

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KapnKrunch 5th June 2020
Avatar for kokobeware

Out of nowhere today I got the Authorization Wire Exception. Nothing changed or was installed on my system recently. I downloaded...

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Avatar for sweetmojo
sweetmojo 4th June 2020
Avatar for gravyface

I have SSD5.5 at home and triggering off my Yamaha DTX 720K e-kit. This is working pretty well. Problem is, the kits are a bit...

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gravyface 4th June 2020
Avatar for ckett

I am looking at adding a Maschine MK3 to the studio and using it primarily in Midi Mode. I have owned the keyboard Komplete...

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torkay 4th June 2020
Avatar for broomy

Hi guys trying to get my esq1 to communicate with ableton 10. I have been informed i need a midi audio interface can somebody...

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broomy 4th June 2020
Avatar for zez

Waves just released Waves Central V11 as many of you probably know. I upgraded from V10 right away...and that is when **** hit...

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Avatar for darmiato
darmiato 4th June 2020
Avatar for danibert

Hi, heard some rumours, but did not find any official info on the Roland Cloud website. Are the SR-JV expansion cards included...

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Deleted 94711a4981b6ba3 4th June 2020
Avatar for n_f

Hello, I've been looking around for a bit in the forum about this but got no final answer. Issue is: using a string bass preset...

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Avatar for Muser
Muser 4th June 2020
Avatar for imloggedin

What's your favorite plugin for notching out specific problem frequencies in vocals? Waves Q2 can do a very high Q, probably the...

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Avatar for simon.billington
simon.billington 4th June 2020
Avatar for Trunks

Hey Gearslutz, I am in the market for a new interface for the road and home recording. Preferably USB C since I am working...

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mattleaf 4th June 2020
Avatar for pwn

Am I missing something? I bought a core card, and I bought a newer (late 09) dual quad core nehalem mac pro, and the core card...

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studeo74 4th June 2020
Avatar for chillipalmer

I'm a singer-songwriter who is looking to get a new interface. Mainly for recording myself on guitar and vocals, but possibly...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 4th June 2020
Avatar for dustindustrial

The HR16B EPROM Editor software is now available for download. It is an application for generating custom EPROM's for the Alesis...

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Avatar for GregoryR
GregoryR 4th June 2020
Avatar for totallyclueless

Tried to figure this out on my own, read a lot in here but I find it really hard to decide what direction to take and really...

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greggybud 4th June 2020
Avatar for Ajrdileva

The new version of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro for macOS is here. Also available for iPad (version 6) An interactive map that...

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Avatar for stonelark
stonelark 4th June 2020