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I’m looking for an app to send midi to a Jomox Airbase drum module and synth. Is there anything similar like the Beatstep Pro...

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Avatar for Delta T
Delta T 2 days ago
Avatar for alchey

Shot in the dark here. This is a millennial relic, but its still pretty sweet. I'm looking for some documentation on this piece...

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plexicube 3 days ago
Avatar for almartin

Hi all, hope someone can answer this question. I want to be able to run backing tracks on my ipad pro. The tracks are stereo...

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dbjp 3 days ago
Avatar for Ilsenhab

Hey GS, My laptop is getting old... Thinking about a Chromebook for recording only, since I do most of my mixing and...

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ilikefruit 3 days ago
Avatar for mariohardleft

Hello! I'm struggling with getting wireless MIDI to my iPads and I'm wondering what you guys have found to be the best, most...

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vitocorleone123 4 days ago
Avatar for DrewofDonuts

Hi All, I know there are a plethora of solutions, and as I navigate them to choose one for me, I wanted to explore any...

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Avatar for Dubbylabby
Dubbylabby 4 days ago
Avatar for BlueFox

Is there any way to download and install GarageBand on an iPhone 6, version ios 12.4.5 The app store has GarageBand but...

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Avatar for iosnewbenl
iosnewbenl 1 week ago
Avatar for Mad Musician

Hi everyone!. I am new to recording audio and have just bought my first interface. I am wondering if I can connect it to both my...

Mad Musician
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Avatar for Mad Musician
Mad Musician 2 weeks ago
Avatar for zzzwiw

SoundSaw is a complex sound processing app with easy-to-use controls designed to distort the sound of musical instruments or...

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zzzwiw 2 weeks ago
Avatar for zzzwiw

BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a...

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zzzwiw 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Suspiria

Hello everybody, So last week I got my new MacBook pro m1 for my studio setup, since I need to be more mobile in the...

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Avatar for Suspiria
Suspiria 10th August 2021
Avatar for swild

I've been trying to solve this for days now. I have a 48TB G-Raid Shuttle powering my 2018 MBP over TB3. It works great besides...

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Avatar for swild
swild 6th August 2021
Avatar for yianni687

Hi All! I'm designing a pedal board for my tour rig, but I ran into a snag in the design. Here's what I'm trying to do: 1....

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Avatar for yianni687
yianni687 4th August 2021
Avatar for Jonny Blaze

I am trying to stream from an iPhone 12 using a Shure Sm7B condenser microphone. I have a cloudlifter , XLR cables, I have a TRs...

Jonny Blaze
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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 26th July 2021
Avatar for Dan Eriksson

Hello, has anyone compared iRig pro duo and TC Helicon go twin in terms of sound? To be used with iphone. Thanks in advance!

Dan Eriksson
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Avatar for Dan Eriksson
Dan Eriksson 23rd July 2021
Avatar for king2070lplaya

Hi, Sorry if this has been covered, but my survey turned up no results. I’m trying to figure out if I can use an iPad Pro 9.7...

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Avatar for king2070lplaya
king2070lplaya 7th July 2021
Avatar for Faastwalker

Anyone using an iOS ready audio/MIDI interface with a USB-C iOS device? Actually I'm more interested in MIDI connectivity than...

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Avatar for Faastwalker
Faastwalker 1st July 2021
Avatar for DovJ

Has anyone found a decent iOS plug-in for peak limiting? I’ve already got a number of excellent compressors and limiters...

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Avatar for Halma
Halma 22nd June 2021
Avatar for HarryJS

Has this happened with anyone else? I usually don't like to use the ringtones that come preinstalled on the phone, so one of the...

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Avatar for HarryJS
HarryJS 21st June 2021
Avatar for jeangodard

I find myself getting more and more decent stuff from my iPad. Also, these days I have so much time with it that music making...

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Avatar for jeangodard
jeangodard 18th June 2021
Avatar for Mighty_Zoltan

Hi guys, I have 4 interfaces currently Steinberg AXR 4T, Metric Halo 2882, Apogee One and a Roland Super UA. The 2882 and Apogee...

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Avatar for ilikefruit
ilikefruit 16th June 2021
Avatar for voxanne

Hey, everybody, I'm a songwriter and a composer. With the music program, I'm just trying to record my voice and...

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Avatar for ilikefruit
ilikefruit 16th June 2021
Avatar for falcon70

HI all, I'm considering purchasing a new 13' MacBook Pro, but unsure whether to go with the M1 or Intel i7 option. Any...

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Avatar for larry@rain2.org
[email protected] 5th June 2021
Avatar for linuxaudio

Hi, perhaps I already own Audio Units and SoundFonts providing decent vibraphones and I just don't know where to take a look...

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Avatar for linuxaudio
linuxaudio 4th June 2021
Avatar for Patrick H

I’ve been messing with using an old iPhone se as a room mic on drums, and it sounds pretty awesome, but the iPhones built in...

Patrick H
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Avatar for Patrick H
Patrick H 30th May 2021
Avatar for 8Len8

What’s the simplest to use, and most musical sounding EQ plugin you can use on any track? Looking for something that adds...

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Avatar for bradh
bradh 26th May 2021
Avatar for party

Hey y'all, im relatively new to ipad music making and am looking to create the following instrument: four discreet channels...

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Avatar for party
party 21st May 2021
Avatar for mistiq

Hi! I'm developer of Chordez, an iPad app that will help you explore complex chords and harmony progressions. Chords are the...

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Avatar for J.Good
J.Good 17th May 2021
Avatar for inoxsteel

Hello I am Darshan Jain Owner Of Inox Steel India I was hoping to run sessions remotely from a Drobo. It sometimes works but I...

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Avatar for inoxsteel
inoxsteel 14th May 2021
Avatar for nitechstainless

Hi All, I'm Mehul Mehta Working With Nitech Stainless Inc and new here, so please forgive if this has been asked...

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Avatar for nitechstainless
nitechstainless 14th May 2021
Avatar for Sittingstill

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the piano roll grid to show triplets in iPad / iOS GarageBand? And if so, how do I go...

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Avatar for MaestroPhil
MaestroPhil 7th May 2021
Avatar for Bob Ross

(Not sure if this should be in the Gadgets Gadgets Gadgets forum, or the Audio For Soical Media forum, or, uh, somewhere...

Bob Ross
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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 30th April 2021
Avatar for 3rdpath

I'm sure there's not a lot of Noise users here but I use it quite regularly with my Seaboard 49 and thru the touchscreen. It does...

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Avatar for michaelpv
michaelpv 27th April 2021
Avatar for HREQ

I mean, it's as strong as a mac book pro now for music production. All it needs is the apps, if it got AU support and VST...

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Avatar for vashuba
vashuba 22nd April 2021
Avatar for Andre_tf

Hello all, I currently use an iPad for music production and was planning to buy a MacBook for better compatibility with audio...

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Avatar for deondamage
deondamage 20th April 2021
Avatar for melodic dreamer

I know Nectar and MautodynamicEq does it. Just curious what other plugins do this?

melodic dreamer
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Avatar for melodic dreamer
melodic dreamer 9th April 2021
Avatar for thesheep

I have a Minibrute2 with MIDI going out into a Source Audio Collider delay/reverb pedal to give me tempo synced delay. Now I want...

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Avatar for thesheep
thesheep 5th April 2021
Avatar for noisycat

As a rookie with several synths I have a 2i4 interface Neutron Werkstatt Keystep Ableton Pocket SUB Other stuff I don’t...

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Avatar for ModMatrix
ModMatrix 1st April 2021
Avatar for studioguy1176

so just recently purchased new iMac after old HD crashed and unrecoverable. It came w Catalina 1o.14.5 and unfortunately its not...

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Avatar for studioguy1176
studioguy1176 30th March 2021
Avatar for kostistlac

At last i did it, i repair my MD ... so he is like new ... just two cables needs to weld and new battery replace. So after 8...

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Avatar for kostistlac
kostistlac 30th March 2021
Avatar for Snarpch

I released a new update for MusiKraken on iOS (version 1.13): -Hand Tracking now also supports detection of two hands, so the...

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Avatar for Snarpch
Snarpch 21st March 2021
Avatar for boomer81

i have a ipad a focusrite scarlet 6i6 hooked up through camera connection kit I have two tab modded sm57's. ever since I saw...

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Avatar for chrisjordon
chrisjordon 15th March 2021
Avatar for benny15

On my mac I normally use Ocen Audip to record my audiobooks/poscasts. I basicaly only do one post-production edit that is more...

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Avatar for benny15
benny15 13th March 2021
Avatar for macmuse

Are there any of these apps that can actually be used with a desktop DAW to provide MPE, as does a hardware device such as a...

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Avatar for Snarpch
Snarpch 10th March 2021
Avatar for Rufuss Sewell

I have an Akai SynthStation 49 which I love! It has a 30 pin connector and I've always used it with my iPad 2. It's fully...

Rufuss Sewell
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Avatar for wladymeer
wladymeer 4th March 2021
Avatar for dirgemedia

Sorry if this has been answered but search bought up nothing, Can you use the mk4 as an audio interface on the ipad pro for...

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Avatar for dirgemedia
dirgemedia 24th February 2021
Avatar for maestro

Just purchased Apple's USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to connect a midi controller to my iPad Pro 2018. Did I buy the correct...

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Avatar for maestro
maestro 24th February 2021
Avatar for tricera

Can someone recommend me an iOS sequencer that lets me send notes and CCs to an external drum machine?

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Avatar for tricera
tricera 21st February 2021
Avatar for amundsen

Their website's forum is down and the mails I've sent to them came back...

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Avatar for WindcryMusic
WindcryMusic 17th February 2021
Avatar for muzikmaddness

Hey you slutz, I have a dilemma and needed some advice. I'm upgrading from a Apogee Duet mk1 and I'm on a 2011 Mac mini. I...

replies: 3 views: 683
Avatar for ZangTumblyTumble
ZangTumblyTumble 16th February 2021