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I have an X32. Before I found Mixing Station for Android, which works, I installed and tried to use X32-Q. The app says it's...

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Johnsmit123 3 days ago
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After using Logic on Mac for over decade, I recently learned that my USB Lynx Hilo connects seamlessly to my iPad and iPhone via...

Lando Calrissian
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Freud 4 days ago
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Hi. Is anybody using the new m2 air 16gb 1tb as the main production computer. I’ve read loads on the m1, I’ve seen vids of...

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Game 3 weeks ago
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I have a bunch of loops that I use when songwriting... different beats and such. All I want is a way to play them on an...

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Game 3 weeks ago
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I'd like to be able to play ios apps on my iPad Pro from a MIDI keyboard, and simultaneously route audio out from iPad via an...

LA lefty
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ilikefruit 3 weeks ago
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I was wondering if anyone used Loupedeck and could offer any feedback on it. On paper it looks like the perfect device for me....

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JacksonTree 3 weeks ago
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Hi, I want to monitor what can be on an iPhone if somebody wants to show me a song thru their iPhone.. So Apple lightning...

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Muser 3 weeks ago
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I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for music production software for iPhone. I always use my daw on my computer,...

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ilikefruit 4 weeks ago
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Sorry for off topic Is there a good camera app for iphone? This would be to take photos of art - so color ballance /...

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Ben Jenssen 21st August 2022
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SpaceFields - Space Ambient Machine Loop-based mangler effect for creating slowly changing rhythmic sound structures in a deep...

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zzzwiw 1st August 2022
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Their website's forum is down and the mails I've sent to them came back...

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WindcryMusic 30th July 2022
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With iPadOS 16, new and existing Mac drivers can be ported to iPad. I know that certain class-compliant interfaces can run with...

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ilikefruit 25th July 2022
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I want to know if it will be worth going for the upgrade here. From my understanding the non-legacy (full paid version) has been...

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ItsRyanBoi 25th July 2022
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Questions. Anyone using CC’s to change the visible grid? Anyone know if there is a way to select a track in a DAW, like...

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dragsquares 20th July 2022
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I mess about with Caustic and G-STOMPER on my android tablet and they're fun enough,. I've not used any Apple products for a long...

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linuxaudio 17th July 2022
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Dad of newborn girl here. Im spending my nights wide awake with a baby on my chest. Any suggestions for a cool music making app...

Chris Hawke
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Terrordisco 17th July 2022
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Hi, does somebody know a simple sound sampler AUv3 for iPadOS? I don't like to use a simple sound sampler implemented in a DAW,...

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Terrordisco 16th July 2022
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Hello, everybody!! I am absolutely ignorant about any kind of musical technology or just technology. But I enjoy a ton...

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saltoss 15th July 2022
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I was/am researching USB hubs and the Apple Camera Connection Kit (which one would I have to have for an iPad Pro 2021) and I...

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boombapdame 13th July 2022
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So I've seen the Decibel app/plugin which looks amazing but I'd like to try and recreate this utility cheaper and on an older...

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jerry123 6th July 2022
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I can't remember - what is the MAC key command to put the playhead at the END of a selected clip? Thanks!

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mixerguy 2nd July 2022
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They don't seem to be on sale anywhere here in the UK. Any lead times seem to be months away, and I don't believe the couple that...

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CathodeRay 1st July 2022
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I have never used tuners to check tuning of kick drum or heavily processed synths - until now - but it turns out tuners spit out...

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TOTAL 20th June 2022
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Yamaha Synth Book - Yamaha Synth 40th Anniversary - Yamaha - Norge Well it's a start.

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Sam47 18th June 2022
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Hi, is it possible to record and generate stereo impulse responses by only using software on iPadOS? I want to make mono as...

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linuxaudio 16th June 2022
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Looks nice. This is somewhat bittersweet though. A while back, Image-Line said they wouldn't do a Mac version because FL is...

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jasperlevy 9th June 2022
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I would like to build up patterns to drive some internal synths in aum and my external synth: is there any ableton-like sequencer...

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spaceman 2nd June 2022
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I just ordered my first computer that’s not a laptop. I got a Mac Studio coming. I want to hook up three monitors. What will I...

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ilikefruit 21st May 2022
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Hi, I don’t use iPhone apps to record music so would like to know the simplest way to play any iPhone synth app on my...

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liamNnoah 12th May 2022
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A product idea came to me while checking a mix in my car. While driving and running errands, I launch a special media player...

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Sky 10th May 2022
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Maybe this is a stupid question, but is it possible to automate say the input channels volume (channel faders) from the internal...

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knitram 25th April 2022
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I’m searching an app which I could use to make playlists, slow down audio and loop sections of song fast and easy. Can you...

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Ronski 19th April 2022
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Pure Acid is now available. Drum machine plus 303 synth and sequencer standalone (AUv3 coming soon, along with a price increase)....

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mininoyz 16th April 2022
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Anyone rocking a Surface Pro 8 for music production? No SD card, and no way of upgrading beyond 1tb SSD = discouraging. But...

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alexis1 13th April 2022
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Hey guys, a quick search turned up nothing so I thought I would ask myself... Has anybody spent any time with DJ Player...

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Obaka 9th April 2022
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I'm looking to dip back in to ios and possibly pick up a keyboard with trackpad at the same time. Previous experience with my...

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Moonwhistle 5th April 2022
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I have tried all my devices DAW’S, Phones, etc etc. And always get the same result I have no idea if this is just happening to...

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angel7 25th March 2022
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I’m using Auria on my iPad I’m and searching for an app where you can compare your track with a reference track, like...

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Chase Orion 24th March 2022
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Hi, I have recently ordered the MOTU 16A as my next main audio interface. Sometimes I use an iPad with AUM for recording. While...

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Moonwhistle 9th March 2022
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Hi guys, I have 4 interfaces currently Steinberg AXR 4T, Metric Halo 2882, Apogee One and a Roland Super UA. The 2882 and Apogee...

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fantus 8th March 2022
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I’m a little bit pissed off but even more confused… I had a lot of pictures on my iMac that I backed up onto my iPhone so I...

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Muser 20th February 2022
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I'm looking for the best piece of software to do a voice change. This will be used in a live setting and spoken. I want...

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juanml 18th February 2022
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I recently started recording on a Focusrite Scarlett Solo into my android phone via the Voloco App using an Android USB OTG...

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bmgstudios 4th February 2022
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BeatCutter is an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm. In the center of the app is a...

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zzzwiw 29th January 2022
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Is it safe to buy plug-ins from someone that came bundled with her hardware? This person i ran into is selling softube and...

logic pro
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logic pro 23rd January 2022
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Hello I would like to offer a good audio interface to someone who has an iPad Pro and a Yamaha P-125. Applications would be...

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ilikefruit 22nd January 2022
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I'm planning on using an Alesis Vortex Wireless 2 keytar plus a Keith McMillan 12 step to play the left hand keyboard parts with...

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ilikefruit 22nd January 2022
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Hi, I was wondering if any of you can recommend an app for a specific need. I often route midi from a synth through the computer...

Sebastian N
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Sebastian N 9th January 2022
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Hi guys, couldn’t find this exact problem on here but it keeps bugging me so I thought I‘d ask: I got an 11“ iPad Pro...

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somant 25th December 2021
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AltiSpace 2 is a convolution reverb app with advanced controls that provides realistic sounding natural acoustic space or vintage...

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zzzwiw 14th December 2021