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I am searching for the fastest way to calculate the LUFS integrated loudness of a song or part of a song. Until now, using...

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teacue 14th June 2020
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Wondering if anyone here knows of a decent disk management utility for PC (maybe one specifically for media creators?) I've...

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EMMST 14th June 2020
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Hi, My first post so please bear with me nor am I particularly knowlegeable so some latitude would be appreciated. My...

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GoldenOrbit 14th June 2020
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I am trying to get a new set up working on an old studio machine. NI support have failed to resolve. Need a wiz kid to visit...

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BeccyWine 14th June 2020
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Hi I have a pretty long run from my computer to my control room. (30 feet) I have been syncing my RME Raydat with other A/Ds...

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cowudders 14th June 2020
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Sorry if this has been covered but have been searching to no avail I got an apogee symphony on the way with 8x8x8mp. I am...

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bleep 14th June 2020
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Hi Guys, I am looking for the Most versatile and advanced compressor Plugin? Recommendation?

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RobGee 14th June 2020
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I'm trying to sample using DMD and I want to know whether its possible? or to change it on DMD?

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HOVIS 13th June 2020
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Ok so may be a newbie question even though I'm not a newbie ... nonetheless, I've been working with finding a good ITB chain for...

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austinbdot 13th June 2020
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Currently mixing an album that has a few tracks with an acoustic DI channel and man does it sound horrible. After some...

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baseggio 13th June 2020
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Hi Friends , i decided to create a topic cause i always had great help and advises around here , and to tell the thruth i'm short...

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biksonije 13th June 2020
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Hi, when mixing a good approach is to find a EQ range for each important instrument where that instrument can dominate that EQ...

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biksonije 13th June 2020
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The closest which came was pro q3 where you can use the onscreen piano keyboard to snap your frequency value exactly to the...

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andychamp 13th June 2020
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I have been looking at laptop options and a lot of the i7 range is out of my budget, so I was thinking, as a workable...

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Deleted 903526e7e14c64f 13th June 2020
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I'd love to just be in Studio One- However I love Logic's drummer. I also have EZdrummer 2 as well. I've been messing...

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skiff 13th June 2020
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I'm looking at getting a controller for Pro Tools (currently on version 11, but probably due for an upgrade soon). Avid S1 stuff...

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jimbo_baby84 13th June 2020
Avatar for louderjamz

Have any users compared Acourate vs Audiolense digital room EQ? Their free trials are quite limited and I can't afford both...

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louderjamz 13th June 2020
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Deleted c7044dea016f2f2 13th June 2020
Avatar for torpor

Hello, I am an owner of the Mytek Brooklyn DAC + and I'm thinking about upgrading it with an external clock generator. But...

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torpor 13th June 2020
Avatar for aslutforgear

Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well. I was planning to go with Focusrite series for a while (even the 4i4 if the price...

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Avatar for MogwaiBoy
MogwaiBoy 12th June 2020
Avatar for YanTaran

Hi Guys! My first time posting here :) I recently got a TC Electronic Studio Konnekt 48 and I don't have any firewire compatible...

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Avatar for dc_r
dc_r 12th June 2020
Avatar for jumper981

Hi! Someone had a direct experience with a Ryzen 3900X in Ableton Live? I know that Intel's CPU are better optimized with Ableton...

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sensing 12th June 2020
Avatar for Gabikaze

I worked on apple computers for many years, and was using MenuBUS for sonarworks, eq, and crossfeed. Worked like charm. Got a...

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Gabikaze 12th June 2020
Avatar for 56tweed

Pardon the newb question, I'm in the process of getting a new system up and running and I would really like some feedback from...

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56tweed 12th June 2020
Avatar for dreamsongs

I hope everybody's doing OK lately and working on their music.... Well I knew this would happen some day and it happened last...

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dreamsongs 12th June 2020
Avatar for modularjack

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for getting a Mackie Onyx 1640 mixer with the firewire upgrade to work on my 64bit...

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Avatar for bariguitar
bariguitar 12th June 2020
Avatar for alextp12377

Hello everybody, Do you know any old (now cheap) hardware multitrack recorders I can use as a useful MIDI controler in my DAW...

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alextp12377 12th June 2020
Avatar for louderjamz

Hi all, Can you please share recommended options. Budget is strict and must be under US$700 I need a minimum: - 6 x 1/4"...

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ChrisLudwig 12th June 2020
Avatar for djwaxxy

ive got massive problems with my studio..its hit and miss wether devices connect too my pc or not. if i look at my device...

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akairipper 12th June 2020
Avatar for dr_Jezz

I’ve read that there’s actually no benefit in terms of performance (other than slightly faster loading times) from a...

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dr_Jezz 12th June 2020
Avatar for lediscjockey

Hi. I currently have a TC Electronics desktop Konnect 6 which is connected to my pc via firewire. My main DAW is FL Studio. ...

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BT64 12th June 2020
Avatar for Jeffguitar

Could be some music opportunities in Chaz, revolution music, lol.

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bgood 12th June 2020
Avatar for DaveJes1979

I'm looking for a VST filter for making instruments sound like they are coming through a tinny, old-timey radio. I recall an...

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drichard 12th June 2020
Avatar for Rick Dalton

"We showcased an example of this at CES with our partner TDK in the form of a large automotive touchscreen that could...

Rick Dalton
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Rick Dalton 12th June 2020
Avatar for mungu

Hey all - I am helping a buddy get his Scarlett 2i2 running with ProTools First so that him and I can collaborate on some...

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HolyTryst 12th June 2020
Avatar for dino321

I got all these emails form Slate saying how the new algorithm is coming and 2.0 is coming and now all I see are new products but...

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Avatar for RightOnRome
RightOnRome 12th June 2020
Avatar for almix12

Hey all, I just upgraded from a mid 2012 macbook pro 15" running 10.9.5 to a mid 2019 macbook pro running 10.13 All of a...

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ditnu 12th June 2020
Avatar for bulls hit

Lifelong Windows Luddite here (been running the same core2 quad/XP rig since 2008) suddenly presented with an opportunity to...

bulls hit
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brousseau6933 11th June 2020
Avatar for PeteJames

I have been researching getting a custom built audio PC with serious specs as I've found that you can get unreal performance for...

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Ehabmxd 11th June 2020
Avatar for Mth1660

Forgive me if this is the wrong board to ask. I'm brand new here. I currently have a Presonus Audiobox USB (the original...

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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 11th June 2020
Avatar for fredje

Hi! I'm wondering if there is a low pass gate in the VST form? For those who don't know, a low pass gate is a vintage...

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Avatar for leckel1996
leckel1996 11th June 2020
Avatar for JohnS37

I recently bought a secondhand Yamaha 01X FireWire mixer, knowing its reputation and having read that it will run on Snow...

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Avatar for JohnS37
JohnS37 11th June 2020
Avatar for SignalAhead

Hello! New to the forum and I have a question and hope I can get some input from folks who have worked with both products....

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Avatar for xxdrexx
xxdrexx 11th June 2020
Avatar for Chriscowie

totally out of the loop with PC peripherals these days so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. PC - Seven...

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Avatar for MediaGary
MediaGary 11th June 2020
Avatar for melodic dreamer

Only Plugins If you had to use only one (of each) to mix with for a year. Channel...

melodic dreamer
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Avatar for Cabirio
Cabirio 11th June 2020
Avatar for dreamsongs

I've started the search for a new PC and DAW. I've decided I want to get something with T3 but not sure if it's even necessary as...

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Avatar for dreamsongs
dreamsongs 11th June 2020
Avatar for init0

2019 March Windows 10 Thunderbolt 3 / UAD Apollo x6 rig - What worked for me. Hopefully, this helps someone save massive...

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Avatar for init0
init0 11th June 2020
Avatar for ruins

ok so I want to swap my Mac setup for a PC one and just want to make sure that I am doing it as cheaply as I possibly can. The...

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Avatar for ruins
ruins 11th June 2020
Avatar for i_o

Friends, your suggestions please. Since buying Pro Tools 10 / MBox Pro 3 combo in the summer I've been having a recurring...

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Avatar for Crazy4Jazz
Crazy4Jazz 11th June 2020
Avatar for beyerman

I want to replace my old ass Audio Kontrol 1. I need something that has x2 balanced outputs like...

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Avatar for oboemaroni
oboemaroni 11th June 2020