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Hello, i was searching for a usb audio interface with 4 inputs that worked on linux and i found a great channel on youtube...

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MrKahuna 1st January 2021
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Howdy - I used to have this free plugin, but can no longer find it. Does anyone here have a copy for OS X or know any site that...

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tazman 1st January 2021
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Two questions, please. Any suggestion for a DAW with an amazing built-in tutorial? (better than Ableton's) Any suggestions...

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messofsound876 1st January 2021
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Hey all! So I’m demoing the MM-1 right now and I’ll be purchasing, I think it’s fantastic. I mostly focus on mixing and...

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RJHollins 1st January 2021
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Hi everyone, I am looking to upgrade my setup, and though I have been reading quite a bit on here and other places I still have...

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johnscalia 1st January 2021
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Hello, I'm currently looking at an Apollo x6 interface for my system. I currently own an Antelope Pure 2 but for different...

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remixter21 1st January 2021
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I have an original Apollo Twin TB on my iMac. I now have 2 analog synths I'd like to connect at the same time. One has stereo...

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abernathy 1st January 2021
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Preface. Jump on to the next chapter to save yourself some chitchat. So, I always think things through to the end. At least, I...

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SandrineS 1st January 2021
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After using apple computers all my adult life, I decided to switch to windows. although the new MacBook Pro 16 seems to be quite...

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mrufino1 1st January 2021
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(Not sure if this is the right place for this question? Can repost elsewhere if more appropriate) I just got the RME Babyface...

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drfonta 1st January 2021
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I've been using the same external Firewire drive with a 7200 RPM spinner in it for quite a while now (with a second external disc...

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Whoopysnorp 1st January 2021
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Has anyone done a comparison of the RME TotalMix compressors and EQs and other brandname plugins? I can't find any reviews or...

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FilterFace 31st December 2020
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Hello, New to gearslutz Wondering what your favorite spring reverb plugin is for electric guitars? I’m looking at PSP...

Jared Schumaier
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LASTLAVGH 31st December 2020
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hi team, please i'm confuse for the routing of my two Alpha link AX. i want to combine them to have 48 channels analogue out to...

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cjerome 31st December 2020
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So, it's time for a new interface. I'm on a custom built PC that theoretically has Thunderbolt, but I've sold my Apollo because I...

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raweber 31st December 2020
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Call me crazy, but i'm considering selling my Apollo 8 and replacing it with my X32 + S16 unit. Here's my logic, please tell me...

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MediaGary 31st December 2020
Avatar for jml designs

Hi, THREE QUICK QUESTIONS: My UA apollo duo 8 is not cutting the mustard with I/O and I need that 16 upgrade. I am just starting...

jml designs
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___GLM___ 31st December 2020
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Hi guys, I had a big problem last saturday afternoon when working in my studio with a client. My Pro Tools 2019 refused to...

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arnoldorodeo 31st December 2020
Avatar for Glo

I find soft synth leads (like supersaws) can often have some harsh frequencies to them. The standard procedure is to try and EQ...

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Deleted 94711a4981b6ba3 31st December 2020
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Haven't found anything about it here, but if there is please refer me to it. I'm wondering about getting an Crane Song Avocet...

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reeserichardson 31st December 2020
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ascensionGroup 31st December 2020
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After using cheaper interfaces (AudioBox USB and FocusRite 2i2) for years and having them eventually break and/or be unable to...

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sharky 31st December 2020
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Hello all, I am looking for ideas as to what might be the cause of my problem- audible clicks/dropouts when using my Antelope...

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Progear 31st December 2020
Avatar for clusterchord

hi, currently i'm using a pair of 24" 1920x1200 and i'd like to replace this with a single 2K monitor. i'd migrate video...

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clusterchord 30th December 2020
Avatar for PointReyes7

Hey all, I can't try the FocusriteSC and SSL 9000 J console emulations from bx_digital out before the sale ends because I'm away...

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Deleted 94711a4981b6ba3 30th December 2020
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Just picked up an 828es. Can't quite figure out how to record my computer's output into my DAW ... the matrix routing system is...

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normanrichardson 30th December 2020
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I made my own kick drum sample. It has fades, the fades are set so they're not cutting into the transient. Everything seems...

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jonpaulr123 30th December 2020
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Hi, I’ve noticed that when some mix engineers are done with a mix in the box, instead of clicking bounce or export audio,...

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JDO 30th December 2020
Avatar for fabriciom

Hi, My 2009 Mac Pro its on its last life line. Im on catalina and working with this machines is basically like working in a...

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fabriciom 30th December 2020
Avatar for aliyjam

Hello folks, I am planning to upgrade my graphic card due to solve some driver issues that cause trouble with a software which...

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mattiasnyc 30th December 2020
Avatar for pmj

I've recently been messing around with an old G4 Powerbook and would love to get Pluggo up and running on it. Was a paid-up user...

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pmj 30th December 2020
Avatar for cltd

My audio iMac 27 i7 went down and it’s unrepairable (broken mainboard). Now I work on spare MacBook Pro 2015, which is fine to...

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cltd 30th December 2020
Avatar for Ziko123

Hi guys! As pretty obvious with the thread title, it will be very informative to find from brothers who have access to Luna to...

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gravyface 30th December 2020
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Hi! I am really impressed by the sound of late plugins and I am thinking of using them also for playing live sending the output...

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maio996 30th December 2020
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are there any options to use a M1 mac mini as a plugin only host for my intel i7 Mac mini, are there any easyor simple ways of...

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ZooshMcD 30th December 2020
Avatar for maio996

Hi! Usually I record video on Quicktime using my Focusrite Clarett 4pre (thunderbolt) using one line input for guitar (recorded...

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maio996 30th December 2020
Avatar for amberience

I know this is related to a few other threads, but I thought a one stop shop could be a good idea. What are the necessary...

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norbury brook 30th December 2020
Avatar for T.M.A.

Hello Everyone! Well, I had a most unfortunate event happen today: Currently producing a kind of wild and dynamic record that...

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Analog Jonez 30th December 2020

I just tried out the demo. Seems nice. Anyone else try it or using it?

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zulusound 30th December 2020
Avatar for once a roadie

Has anyone here linked two Ensemble Thunderbolt units together and use that as a primary setup? How is the work flow with the...

once a roadie
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once a roadie 30th December 2020
Avatar for mamero

After many MANY years with Cakewalk/Sonar I am contemplating migrating from Sonar to a different DAW for future projects. I have...

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husker 30th December 2020
Avatar for Wes Moore

I'm designing and building a single motorized fader controller for a couple buddies. Since one of them is living and working...

Wes Moore
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Avatar for lowerbackproblems
lowerbackproblems 30th December 2020
Avatar for Filvox

A little bit of background first: I work as a video game sound designer, I know my way around modular synths, a little bit of...

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kenn.michael 30th December 2020
Avatar for razorboy

... and there isn't much month left. With any purchase, you can choose one of: * United Plugins Royal Compressor, * W.A...

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ardis 30th December 2020
Avatar for nave mastering

Goodnight. I have a question that may be obvious here, but I need some explanation. I work and render at 32/96 from FL...

nave mastering
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nave mastering 30th December 2020
Avatar for symmetricalSound

Hey everyone! So as someone who hasn't been on here or been keeping up with music tech in the last 4/5 years, I'm feeling...

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Avatar for symmetricalSound
symmetricalSound 30th December 2020
Avatar for razorboy

About half their plugs are on for $20. I don't know when it started, or ends.

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Avatar for Monotremata
Monotremata 30th December 2020
Avatar for deployer

Hello. I've bought a used System-1 today and just couldn't install the drivers. On Roland's support page it says that all Windows...

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deployer 29th December 2020
Avatar for Local Man

My Focusrite Clarett 4pre that I’ve had for about 4 or 5 years seems to be completely fried. At first the volume controls...

Local Man
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Local Man 29th December 2020
Avatar for Carabinerx

Not the re-released pro, but the original stand alone ad/da. I’ve always read high praise for rme, but it seems this original...

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Avatar for Carabinerx
Carabinerx 29th December 2020