With tons of research and hard work; we are proud to present extremely accurate models of legendary passive equalizer units, Rule Tec Collection. We’ve modeled lot’s of unique complex interactive analog behaviour in order to present all signature characteristics of the original units’ “a must have tone”.

All in one solution for legendary famous equalizer tone that you’ve heard in thousands of records for almost 70 years. Well known Top 3 models:
Rule Tec EQ1A for classic mixing and mastering,
Rule Tec EQ5M famous multi purpose mid range equalizer,
Rule Tec F3C completes the collection with unique sharp high pass - low pass filters.

Same musicality, same clarity, same warmth and character with original units which is immediately noticeable when tweaking frequency boosts or cuts. Use it on every track. Just put it on the channel, and it will just sound great. Rule Tec add a very desirable and subtle tube saturation to your signal even when the EQ is set flat. Legendary tone is here with all of the legendary signature features including “Pultec EQ trick”.

Rule Tec. Extremely accurate legend tone is back…


WINDOWS: VST/AAX (both 32&64 bit)


Extremely accurate circuit reproduction of the most popular vintage studio equalizers ever made
Complex legendary interaction between filters with smooth and musical curves
Unique analog behavior of total harmonic distortion, tubes, hum etc.
Friend of CPU

RULE TEC ALL COLLECTION (Intro Price : $99.9 / Regular : $199.9): Rule Tec Heritage Pro | NoiseAsh

RULE TEC HERITAGE PRO (Intro Price : $49.9 / Regular : $130): Rule Tec Heritage Pro | NoiseAsh

RULE TEC EQ1A (Intro Price : $29.9 / Regular : $90):Rule Tec EQ1A | NoiseAsh

RULE TEC EQ5M (Intro Price : $29.9 / Regular : $90):Rule Tec EQ5M | NoiseAsh