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Teletronix LA-3A

UREI Teletronix LA-3A
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The Urei LA-3 Leveling Amplifier is a solid state version of the classic LA-2A tube optical limiter. Its early incarnation bore the Teletronix logo, presumably to show its connection with the LA-2A. Later iterations used the Universal audio name on the faceplate; in both cases the Urei logo was prominent.

The LA-3 has discrete circuitry and balanced ins and outs, along with adjustable input gain and threshold. it employs the same T4 opto cell for compression as found in the LA-2A.

Excellent for vocals, guitars, and mix buss. Great mid-range presence that engineers love. Can be very invisible, or more pronounced, due to continuously variable rotary controls. 'Peak Reduction' increases the sidechain gain - lowering the threshold and increasing compression - while 'Gain' is used to adjust the makeup gain.


Compression, fast attack

...You start second guessing yourself constantly. It also takes you much longer to dial in the tone. Put up an LA3 on something and you pretty much know if it sounds good or not. Seewhatimean? Now, with ALL OF THAT said, as you get better at compression and using compressors, the key is that...

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Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion

...on neve 14 I m also tempted on this one erf :facepalm: Btw I also see no love for the new La3/La2a of TimP, I think it's brilliant. When you put the sat behind the comp it becomes a real piece of hardware.And the comp behaviors are great IMO. I like is U76 too....

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

...Maybe I want something aggressive, maybe I'll try an 1176, select, load, tinker, hmm, maybe too much, let's try an LA3A instead, replace the 1176 with the LA3, try again etc... thinking about it, maybe that first EQ could be more of a character one, let's remove that and try a vintage EQ instead......

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