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Dynamic Instrument Microphone

A snare crack. An arpeggiated chord. A powerful saxophone solo. Whether on stage or in the studio, the notes that flow from your instrument connects your audience on a visceral level. And such sounds need a mic that can handle its strength. For every acoustic condition, the SM57 delivers the power of your playing to every fan in the house.


What's in YOUR mic locker???

Dynamic: Sennheiser BF530 Shure SM57 Samson Q7 Ribbon: DIY mic from Beyerdynamic TG V90W capsule Condenser: Blue Encore 300 Sony ECM-MS957 Dayton EMM-6 USB/office: Razer Seiren Elite Samson GM1U

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Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio

...and Istanbul Agop cymbals. Kick - AKG D12 - Vintech x73i SnTp - Neumann KM84 - Neve 33115 SnBt - Shure SM57 - Neve 33115 Hats - Neumann KM84 - SSL Toms - Josephson e22S - SSL OHS - Schoeps CMC64 - Langevin AM16 - Manley VariMu

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Noob (me) asked to record live quartet

...which I am): Choice A assumes the bass pickup sounds like an actual bass, and not a bunch of rubber bands: 1-Kick sm57/8 2-OH km184 (biased towards the snare a bit) 3-Bass DI 4-Keys.L DI 5-Keys.R DI 6-Sax - 414 (supercard pattern, though the XLII might be too bright for this - see below) 7-Main.L 8-Main.R (buy a pair of something: Shure...

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