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Pulse Techniques EQP-1A
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The EQP-1A is a three-space rack mount unit that features a two-band design that makes it possible to boost extremely low and high frequencies without harming the notes in the middle. With the ability to boost and cut at the same time, the Pultec EQP-1A gives users multiple options of how to treat a shelf frequency, in a way that few other equalizers are capable of achieving.

Several pieces of audio equipment have garnered the praise that they add “something special” to a recording, simply by having signals passed through them. The EQP-1A is one of the few where the difference is definitely noticeable. This Pultec equalizer has a wide-open sound that instantly adds a warm, airy feeling to recordings, reminiscent of the sounds heard on all of your favorite records.


Ways to get 80s sounding production?

...achieve the sound you are looking for: 1. Reverb- Lexicon 224, or EMT 250. 2. Compression: 1176 or la 2a. 3. Pultec EQP 1A 4. UADs Harrison EQ (LOVE THIS AND ITS MY MAIN EQ) 5. Various Boss Guitar pedals from the early 80s, mainly BF-2 6. Yamaha MV 802 Mixer for consolidating a few synths...

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Stam Audio SA-EQP1A Equalizer

Hi Joshua! It's there some news about the audio comparison between the stock EQP1A vs the upgraded one? I'm just in the middle about it, need to listen to be able to choose with certainty. Thank you!, Daniel.

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Sonimus releases A-Console emulation plugin

I like Tuco especially on vocals, Stone EQ 4K rocks, SonEQ Pro is the one I use in place of the usual EQP1a emulation, Burnley 73 don't get me started, Sweetone the original tilt. Good stuff.

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