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Korg dw 6000
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The Korg DW-6000 is a six note polyphonic hybrid synthesizer with two single-cycle digital waveform oscillators and one analogue lowpass filter per voice. As basic material, eight digital wave cycle waveforms were available to the user through a system Korg called DWGS for Digital Waveform Generator System. The DWGS system can be thought of as an early sample playback system where only extremely short, single cycle waveforms are stored on four 256 Kilobit ROM chips, played back through the two digital oscillators and processed by relatively familiar subtractive synthesis facilities.

Patch editing is performed by the typical (for the time) method of selecting a parameter then using a single data slider to increment or decrement the value. Curiously, the factory patch names are written on the front panel, a trait more apt to be found on consumer keyboards rather than professional synthesizers


Korg DW 6000 - Brasses + Bass + strings - demo inside

kfhkh That was fun. I liked it! Were the drums DDD-5 by any chance? (very similar sounds) DW6000 sounds pretty good to me. (A much better choice than Poly 800). My only concern is that the DW8000 only costs a little bit more on the used market, hence, I suspect why the 6000 doesn't get much...

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Ultimate Keybed Thread(models and manufacturers listed)

...(61): Yamaha FS-61 01/W Pro (76): Yamaha FS-E76 01/W Pro X (88): Yamaha A88 Delta (49): Matsu****a ESK-316V (nicht dynamisch) DSS-1 (61): Matsu****a ESK-903 DW-6000 (61): Matsu****a ESK-70 DW-8000 (61): Matsu****a ESK-901 EC150 (88): Fatar TP/30 EC320 (88): Fatar TP/30 i2 (76): Yamaha FS-E76 i3 (61): Yamaha FS-61 i30 (61): Yamaha FS-61 i4 (S) (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet i5S (61): Fatar TP/7BA iS35 (61): Fatar...

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"Vintage" Synth prices - will it ever calm down??

...DX range The DX1 even makes the DX7 look second rate. A poly 800 is entry level and the DW6000 isn't a DW8000. Even casoi's CZ101 and 1000 are no match for the CZ3000 or CZ5000. And Kawai you can forget the K1 and K4. The K3 and K5000 are different animals. I...

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