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Zoom R24 Experiences / Problems

...the C-mikes, the recorder itself switches-off too. NO RECORDING OF SECOND CONCERT-HALF AT ALL. >>> Question 1: How much time the Zoom R24 needs to finish-off a recording of 45minutes of 8 tracks at 48kHz/24bit? Is it ready to record again within 10 minutes?\ ---Question2: How big then is the total file-size? Can it be backed-up on a...

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...But until then, I'm keeping the setup small and simple. No DAW, just MIDI sync and recording into a Zoom R24. It's been forcing me to learn to play better. And here are a couple of details of the steel and the scorched wood shelving.

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Recording Multitrack Sync Problems Over Time

Thanks for your very helpful info and links, I will check them out properly soon. To answer your questions: the DAW is Cubase Pro 11 and video editing software is Movie Studio Vegas 15 (basic but does the job), I'm on a Windows 10 PC and you're right that the Zoom 24 is used as...

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