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ZOOM 9030
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Nine Inch Nails synths

...The super-distorted "C*nt Drums" banks as heard on "Happiness In Slavery", which were made by processing samples through the Zoom 9030, TurboSynth's wave shaper module, and other distortion units. - A few banks of drums called "Pod Kits" and "Vinyl Pods". Chris Vrenna's nickname was, for some reason, "Pod Boy" and these banks were...

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Zoom 9010 vs 9030?

Awesome thanks for your insight.. So to be clear though.. the 9010 does have distortions like the 9030? Also you mentioned some issues with them... Sounds like you already know to recap them.. hopefully you did it before any of them leaked. I'm on a journey with my 9030 situation.. which has...

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Songs of Faith and Devotion Equipment

lol - because it sound trash. Well - it sounds trash for a traditional "guitar" sound - zooms were known for it really. In the more "experimental" sounds used by DM (and NIN) it does really work though.

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