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Control Wheel

Similar to the modulation wheel on a synthesizer, this feature allows the pitch, decay, panning, filter, balance or timing of individual instruments to be varied while the resultant sound is monitored in real time. This makes programming a more "musical" process than having to deal with a multitude of numbers and hieroglyphic parameters.

12 Instrument Pads

12 instrument pads feature full velocity sensitivity for even more expressive power. Original patterns programmed via the pads will have the right accents and dynamic flow without further need for editing.

16-Bit AWM2

2nd-Generation Advanced Wave Memory (AWM2) tone generation with programmable digital filtering and wave layering capability. A wide range of editable parameters include filter frequencies, envelopes, volume, pitch, panning and more.

On-Board Memory

On-board memory contains 96 voices, 100 preset patterns, 100 user patterns and 20 songs. Optional plug-in cards offer unlimited potential for expansion.

Parameter Selector

A parameter selector determines the parameter to be modified by the control wheel in the real-time record, step record, and parameter record modes.

Data Control

A Data Control feature provides a fast, easy way to select patterns, songs, change the tempo values, edit voice parameter values, and more.

LCD Display Panel

A 24-character x 2-line backlit liquid crystal display panel (LCD) shows all the titles, parameters, and prompts you need to operate the RY30 with optimum ease and efficiency.

MIDI In and Out

The MIDI IN and OUT connectors enable the RY30 to transmit and receive MIDI compatible data.

Footswitch Jack

This enables an optional Yamaha FC4 or FC5 footswitch be used to start and stop patterns or song playback and recording.

Cassette In/Out Jack

This feature allows the RY30 to be interfaced to a standard cassette recorder via a mini-plug "y" cable (stereo mini-plug > 2 mono mini-plugs) so that data can be economically stored to and retrieved from cassette tape as required.


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This is what a YAMAHA RY30 Drum Machine sounds like.

NahOFJpabFY Hey guys, There have been a few threads featuring the RY30 and people wanted to know what it's like, so here's a quick industrial jam I did after spending an hour or so creating patches on it. It starts off entirely live with no programmed parts, just playing the pads, and then about half way...

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Yamaha RY30 / RM50 info

I set it up so I could use Reason to transmit midi, playing the RY30 from my D-50 which is midi controller. It responds on all channels from Reason but unfortunately not from the editor. It seems to find my M8UXL midi interface and I set up the ports, but no action. I also...

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