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Music Sequencer for home or studio use


8-Track 8-Song Sequencer with Backing Tracks

The QY10 can record and store as many as 8 different "songs" containing up to 299 measures each. It has a total of 8 tracks: 4 Sequencer tracks and 4 Backing tracks, specifically set aside for chords, bass line, and rhythm accompaniment. The Backing tracks are useful, in that once a preset backing pattern has been chosen, chord changes can be made and the backing chords and bass line will be automatically harmonized to fit.
Programmable Panel

A micro-keyboard with transpose keys on the front panel allows notes and chords to be entered without any additional equipment (such as a full-sized keyboard).
Real-Time of Step Recording

The QY10's Real-Time recording feature allows direct recording, when a live performance feel is desired. A metronome function is provided to keep time. The Step Recording mode, allows music to be entered note by note, for precision, plus the capacity to program phrases that would be too fast or complex to actually play in Real-Time. Step Record mode also allows the programming of triplets, ties, slurs and other musical subtleties.
30 Voices

The PCM tone generator technology gives the QY10 30 different voices and 26 different drum and percussion sounds. Any of these can be assigned to the Sequencer, chord and bass tracks to provide "texture" to the overall sound.
Backing Patterns

The QY10 offers 76 basic Backing Patterns. The patterns, each including rhythm, bass, and 2 chord tracks, cover a wide variety of styles including jazz, funk, reggae, rock, new-age, salsa, country, pop, and more. However, in addition to the preset Backing Patterns, the QY10 allows the creation of custom Backing Patterns, which can be stored in any of 24 memory locations.
32-Note/28-Note Polyphony

The QY10 Sequencer offers 32-Note Polyphony while the tone generator has 28-Note Polyphony. The Sequencer can drive up to 32 notes at once via the internal tone generator and external tone generator if used. The internal tone generator has 28-Note Polyphony so it can play up to 28 notes and 8 different voices at once.
Editing Custom Creations

With the QY10, Customs Creations can be edited to taste, including the pitch of notes and their timing, insertion and deletion of notes and patterns, copying and moving measures, the "quantization" of tracks to tighten or loosen timing, and more.
MIDI Functions

In addition to allowing input from an external MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instruments, the QY10 outputs all sequence playback in real time via the MIDI Out Connector so that external tone generators and rhythm machines can be driven. In addition, the QY10 also allows sequence data to be "bulk dumped" to other MIDI sequencers and keyboards with built-in sequencer functions.
Other Features

The QY10 offers a built-in stereo headphone jack with volume control and a stereo line-out jack for direct connection to a stereo sound system.


Looking for a simple MIDI sequencer!

...the quick disc drive is broken, which means it wont be able to actually store any recorded data?), a Yamaha QY10 (good condition, but hidously overpriced!), and I know someone who's got a Roland MSQ-700 that I could possibly convince to part with it. I would much appricate any thoughts about these possibilties, or suggesions...

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...of background, I've played around with synths and sequencers for the past 20 years and have used sequencers like the QY10, QY70, PMA-5, and also MPC Live 2. My reasons for wanting the Verselab included having a small songwriting option for travel (the MPC is pretty hefty), Roland sounds, and Vocal processing. ...

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Roland VERSELAB MV-1 - new MV -

Awesome review CoachLittle, tnx!

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