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Yamaha NS-10M
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NS-10M [original, vertical, clear mids/ harsh highs, 50W max, limted bass (85Hz), most common today]


Steven Slate VSX Headphone: Mix in Pro Studios, Mastering Rooms, Cars, Clubs, Boomboxes, & More

...and I'm being ULTRA conservative with the cost of buying speakers and treating a room to sound close to the NS10s in VSX. That is just a fact and you can learn it yourself when you give VSX a spin. I'm personally all for constructive criticism. If I had a $50k setup I'd probably still...

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New Sequential Prophet 5 and 10

...5. I had both side by side in a controlled environment. Wether on my big Tannoys or NS10s it’s really hard to tell a difference, if any.

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Upgrading Monitors - Neumann or ATC?

...that they’re “relatively speaking” fullrange for a small 2way loudspeaker, so not a specific mixing tool like an ns10 or auratone type of loudspeaker). And they translate very well. A pair of atc scm20 actives (at regular price) is double the price of the result6.. And although these are two very different loudspeakers, and the atc might...

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