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Yamaha DX7
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Sixteen voice polyphonic synthesizer with sound generation on Frequency Modulation (FM) principle. It has 6 operator digital processing blocks rated at 16 bit. The LFO can do sine, square, triangle, saw up, saw down and random. It has 6 envelope generators with 8 parameters each. It can store 32 patches in it's memory. The keyboard has 61 keys. It was in production during the years 1983-1987 and was one of the most popular synthesizers of it's time.


Oberheim Is Back - OB-X8 Synthesizer

.../ electrical engineering career track. And the lack of reliability is also a good part of the reason that the Yamaha DX7 became the stage keyboard warrior's weapon of choice for many years, hastening the demise of many an analogue polysynth manufacturer.

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Hydrasynth - the Elephant in the Room

Everyone has their own likes. I have an analog distortion module in eurorack. It can be so intense and raw and destruct the sound into harsh discordant tones and sometimes that sounds lovely and perfect. Not that I always want/like that sound, but it never grates on my ears in an unpleasant way. However, I...

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Are used synth prices coming down?

There's a guy at work that says this all the time. I'm a boomer and downsizing in prep for a move, so I do get his overall sentiment, but I just don't buy into the notion, like at all. That's like saying you should spend all your money on weed or something; buy nothing but...

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