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Yamaha DX7
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Sixteen voice polyphonic synthesizer with sound generation on Frequency Modulation (FM) principle. It has 6 operator digital processing blocks rated at 16 bit. The LFO can do sine, square, triangle, saw up, saw down and random. It has 6 envelope generators with 8 parameters each. It can store 32 patches in it's memory. The keyboard has 61 keys. It was in production during the years 1983-1987 and was one of the most popular synthesizers of it's time.


Leak: Korg DX7 Clone? The OPSIX

...wave instead of low res look up tables etc . If you want a near perfect replica of a dx7 get plogue ops 7 ( software )

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Oberheim Is Back - OB-X8 Synthesizer

.../ electrical engineering career track. And the lack of reliability is also a good part of the reason that the Yamaha DX7 became the stage keyboard warrior's weapon of choice for many years, hastening the demise of many an analogue polysynth manufacturer.

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Build Quality In 2010s vs 80s/90s/00s

Mid-to-late 90's workstations were made with really high quality standards. Roland XP-50, Korg T-1/3, Ensoniq TS-10 and of course Kurzweil K2500/K2600. Not everyone likes the sound of these romplers but I remember drooling to the build quality of XP-50. And in the end it didn't sound half as bad:

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