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Sixteen voice polyphonic synthesizer with sound generation on Frequency Modulation (FM) principle. It has 6 operator digital processing blocks rated at 16 bit. The LFO can do sine, square, triangle, saw up, saw down and random. It has 6 envelope generators with 8 parameters each. It can store 32 patches in it's memory. The keyboard has 61 keys. It was in production during the years 1983-1987 and was one of the most popular synthesizers of it's time.


The Korg Logue User Oscillator Programming Thread

...voice, and leave all other parameter as they are now. Also I played a bit with FM66. I think that using DX7 patches with non-sine waveforms are not very useful, so I started to program some patches. The most useful configuration I found is no more than one modulator per carrier (or 2 modulator in parallel,...

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...there somewhere, some rack Roland, Orbit maybe? Off to the right, out of frame, is a Keyboard stand with a DX7, classic Mini Moog, and the Prophecy when it came out: Everything is on heavy duty framed counters I built that went all around the perimeter of the room, 2ft deep, black formica on the...

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Ensoniq ESQ-1, SQ-80 - ultimate patch collection

Plenty: Korg M1, Wavestation Nils' K1v - Kawai K1emulation Arturia's Synclavier, CZ V, DX7 V Roland Cloud D50, JV-1080, XV-5080 Dexed of yamaha DX7 an others Martin Lüder pg8X - emulation of JX8p SonicCharge Cyclone - Yamaha TX16W Synergia - dki Synergy emulation pluginboutique VirtualCZ - Casio CZ-1000

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