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Swollen Pickle

Way Huge Electronics Swollen Pickle
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Super high-gain fuzz with smooth low end, Tone stack Scoop control and adjustable compression intensity.


What's your guitar chain ?

...slightly compressed, quite amplified, adjusted tonally towards the higher end of the spectrum, gritty and meaty, almost)-> Way Huge Electronics Swollen Pickle Fuzz (just a little bit of cozy wool but not too much otherwise it will all turn into garbage of stripes, unsatisfactory and resinous pungent stench)->HardWire RV-7 (a little melancholic ring to...

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Pictures of Mic'ed up GUITAR CABS

...its potential audience.‘s something new: Guitar in the CR -> Little Labs STD -> ISP Decimator -> VoodooLabs amp splitter Ch1: WayHuge Swollen Pickle fuzz -> ‚´72 Ampeg V4 -> Ashdown 1x15“ -> Beyer M88TG Ch2: Bogner Ecstasy red ->´76 Marshall Artisté 100W -> Marshall 1965A w. 4x10“ Greenbacks -> SM57/MD421 Both amps running at the same...

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