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Ego Compressor Pedal

Wampler Ego Compressor Pedal
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Put the Wampler Ego Compressor in your guitar's signal chain, and you'll tame your dynamics without sacrificing tone. Dial-in the Ego Compressor to its sweet spot for your rig, and you'll get the same squeeze you'd expect from a cranked tube amplifier, without losing definition or clarity. Most pro guitarists have a compressor in their chain to thicken their signal, control signal peaks, and lengthen sustain. You'll be amazed at how much more tone you can pull out of your guitar with the Wampler Ego Compressor.


Guitarists - Show me your pedalboard!

How do you like your Maxon compressor? I am in the markey for a compressor for Xmas from my wife. I don't want a keeley. The wampler ego compressor looks promising.

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

...guitar through a pedal first before the interface. Sometimes the buffer from a Boss pedal can help. I use a Wampler Ego compressor because it has adjustable attack and a mix knob but anything can work. A rack mount compressor like a Distressor is the choice of Tim Pierce and John Shanks, if you have...

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DMGAudio TrackComp 2

...Compressor Plus, Boss CS-3 (if you can get rid of the noise floor), Empress Effects Bass Compressor, Wampler Ego Compressor…

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