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Vir2 Instruments BASiS
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• Formatted for the Kontakt player

• Electric, fretless, upright, and synth basses

• Over 100 patches presenting basses for every genre and style


Is Spectrasonics Trilian out yet? If so - how is the sound?

Anybody here uses Vir2 Basis? How does it compare with trilogy, and/ or trilian?

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This Bass Guitar Sound? How?

...don't own a bass, but I have some good Kontakt bass sample libraries (all of the Native Instruments libraries and Vir2 BASIS Library). I stung together a few short clips of this particular sound (by various artists). They are all a little different but I think you'll see the similar style I am talking...

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Bass libraries to upgrade NI Scarbee Jay and Pre Bass?

...Electric Bass but don't really use that any more. I'm aware of the Ample Sound libraries, SpectraSonics Trillian, IK MODO, Vir2 Basis, Waves Bass Fingered and Slapped and the brand new ToonTrack EzBass. However, the Ample Sound samples are expensive as just the P-Bass costs $169 and the picked articulations are and extra $69!...

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