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LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler

Universal Audio LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler
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The LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler combines custom UA transformers and design cues from the 1176LN with the T4 electro-optical attenuator of the LA-2A to create its own unique compression characteristics and sonic signature. The original LA-3A marked the departure from the tube design of the Teletronix LA-2A. Immediately embraced as a studio workhorse — serving in the rack of the remote van used to record Prince & The Revolution’s Purple Rain and employed for double-duty during the recording and mixing of Justin Townes Earle’s Midnight At The Movies as examples — the LA-3A remains a favorite of engineers and producers worldwide to this day.

  • True to the original in design, solid-state, T4 electro-optical classic compressor
  • Custom UA transformers & T4 cell
  • 1.5ms attack time or less
  • Hand-built in USA; backed by 1-Year limited warranty

Our UA Classics reissue of the LA-3A meticulously retains all the internal and external qualities of the original: The same simple control set, and the T4 electro-optical attenuator, which is the source of the LA-3A's program dependent compression. It also retains the 2RU half-rack design, and comes complete with a single-unit rack assembly — no additional kit is necessary. All the original rear panel connections and controls are also maintained, while the commonly performed “LA-3A gain mod” is added as an additional switch for maximum studio versatility.

New Modern Features
By adding the hardware’s original HF Emphasis sidechain filter, you can now easily use the Teletronix LA‑3A plug-in punch up your drum bus without triggering the threshold of the compressor with the kick drum. Plus, a new Dry/Wet Mix control lets you easily add parallel compression on an instrument bus, allowing you to season your productions with legendary Teletronix LA‑3A attitude.



...minutes to play with it but I was really impressed. Has that "locked in place" thing that I love about LA3a's. Nice weight and punch on vocals. Totally pins guitars in a cool and unobviously smashed way. I ran ran a vocal through the EQP-Wa --> WA76 --> Comp-3a --> Burl (with some attenuation)...

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The Venerable UA 175B

...old gear that seemed a bit crusty. I had been using blackface Urie 1176s up to that point, along with UA LA-3As, Teletronix LA-2As for the most important compression jobs, but was intrigued by this brownish-looking ancient thing with big bakelite knobs. I tried it on a vocal recording and whooosh, my life was...

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