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Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection

Universal Audio Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection
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The Fairchild 670 and 660 are the most coveted vintage compressor/limiters in the world, with good reason. These 20-tube tone titans — which now fetch upwards of $50,000 — impart an unmistakable silky warmth heard on hundreds
of hit records from the Beatles and Pink Floyd, to Miles Davis and countless Motown classics. Now your vocal tracks, drum bus, and entire mix can benefit from the world’s most accurate plug-in recreations of these one-of-a-kind compressors.

The very first Fairchild limiter that audio genius Rein Narma created on Les Paul’s kitchen table transformed the sound of recording forever. Soon, these 20-tube, 14-transformer, 67-pound behemoths were embraced by world-class studios, many of which still employ their vintage Fairchilds despite the increasing difficulty in maintaining these tube-driven tone machines.

For a half-century, the Fairchild 670 — and its aggressive little brother, the Fairchild 660 — have defined popular music’s most revered vocal and drum sounds. In fact, the world’s elite mixers often employ a 670 simply for the “glow” it brings to their final mixes, even without compression happening.

In 2004, Universal Audio released the Fairchild 670 Legacy plug-in, which was quickly heralded as the best 670 emulation available. Today, UA’s team of DSP experts have improved the original Time Constants and gain reduction curves, while modeling — for the first time ever — the complete tube-powered amplifier and transformer sections of their hardware counterparts. Far beyond other Fairchild emulations, only the new UAD Fairchild Collection is based on an accurate circuit models of Ocean Way Studios' “golden-reference” units.


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