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TRUE Systems P-Solo
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The P-SOLO is a single channel version of the acclaimed TRUE Systems' family of microphone / instrument preamps. While sporting the same design and sound of the TRUE Systems Precision 8 and P2 Analog preamps, this compact, single channel, desk-top version features:Unlike many other mic preamps where the lower-cost versions come at a big cost to the sound, the P-SOLO is, in every regard, a TRUE Systems microphone preamp, offering the "high-end mic pre" quality at an affordable, entry-level price.Tim Spencer, CEO for TRUE Systems and designer of the TRUE Systems' Mic Preamps states: "Our goal was to design a single-channel mic preamp that provides high-end sonic performance at a cost-effective price for the serious musician or recording engineer. We want to put the same quality of product used on Grammy-winning recordings and major concert tours, into the hands of an entirely new audience. We feel that we have achieved, if not exceeded this goal. The P-SOLO is perfect for studio and location recording, and live sound applications - wherever a microphone is used. And not only that, its instrument direct input feature provides exceptional articulation, presence and depth when an instrument preamp is needed. The P-SOLO is designed to provide stunning sonic detail, with a neutral, musical character, capable of delivering outstanding performance in every situation we could think of."TRUE Systems P-SOLO Features Natural, musical, highly-detailed soundfield Complete compatibility and superior results with any mics - condenser, dynamic, and ribbon A totally balanced, dual servo, high dynamic range, transformerless design Internal linear AC power supply for excellent transient response High impedance instrument input High-pass filter and 48v phantom power Dual analog outputs Four-level metering Over-size volume control with selectable 10db input level attenuation Compact, portable, solid desk-top case TRUE Systems P-SOLO Specifications Gain (microphone): . +16 to +64 dB. Gain is +6dB with Input Attenuation activated. Gain (direct input): -4 to +44 dB. Gain is -14dB with Input Attenuation activated. Frequency Response (gain=40 dB): 1. 5 Hz to 500 kHz (+0/-3 dB) Maximum Output Level: +31 dBu Maximum Input Level: +25 dBu Input Impedance (microphone): 5. 5 kOhms Input Impedance (direct input): 2 Mohms Noise (Rs=0 Ohms): -132 dB e. i. n. Slew Rate: > 40 V/uS CMRR (CMV=+10 dBu): 85 dB THD (+26 dBu, 100 kOhm): 0. 0008% Power Requirements: 115/230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 7 Watts Knob extension: 0. 6 in. (15. 3 mm) Weight: 5 lbs. (2. 3 kg)


DMP3, Mico, P-Solo, Grace M-101

The Sytek does look nice but I don't need that many channels. I've also noticed that the True Systems P-Solo is very cheap secondhand. I can get one for a little over £200! I'm mainly interested in the pres I've listed. Are these significantly better than the DMP3? I notice they are all transformerless preamps that use...

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Louder Than Liftoff Chop Shop EQ

...of mileage at my studio alongside my Royers. I tracked that at Sam Pura's studio and brought over my True Systems P-Solo preamp. I believe the unit I have is a prototype version that has a different input impedance that works well with dynamic and ribbon mics. I chose that preamp because I...

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8-channel Preamp Choices in 2021

The True Systems stuff I've never even heard of. Interesting on paper. Do you have experience with them?

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