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80b - 32 Channel

Trident Audio Developments 80b - 32 Channel
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One of the pillars of the ‘British sound’ of the early 1970s was Trident Studios in London. Filled with brilliant engineers and cutting-edge gear, it was to go-to place for many of the top bands of the day. Starting with the Beatles, who relished the ability to record in 8 tracks (when Abbey Road still only had 4 track), a steady stream of rock stars came through the door. David Bowie in his Aladdin Sane/Hunky Dory/Space Oddity period; Queen and their first few albums; Jeff Beck, Supertramp, James Taylor and many more.
Wanting to remain at the forefront of technology, Trident studios looked in a vain for a manufacturer to make them a custom console. But why ask someone to do something when you can do it for yourself? And thus Malcolm Toft and Barry Porter, the in house engineers of Trident, came up with their own console, dubbed the ‘A Range’. Only a baker’s dozen of these legendary consoles were made, and as the years went by Trident continually innovated with a long line of further consoles, including the famous 80 Series, which debuted in 1980 shortly before the original Trident closed its doors. Following on the heels of this successful console was the model 80B in 1983, a classic 'split design' console set up in a standard configuration of 32 x 24 x 24 with 5 aux per channel.

The 80B remains in favor with engineers the world over for its signature sound. In fact, the sound of the mic pre/EQs on the 80B were so good, Trident still makes them available as a stand-alone unit that gives you a pair of these channel strips in a rack mount configuration. But why settle for a racked pair when you can have the original 80B, a console that gives you a lot of British bang for the buck.



The old Trident 80b boards were far from clean and would know that only if you actually worked on those consoles (I did). The 80b plugin sounds like I remember the Trident board sounded.

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Acustica intros Snow: contemporary British-style suite for the modern producer

...smaller reference and on and on. In other studios I also worked on SSLs, a Neve VR, MCI, and a Trident 80B. All on different monitors from NS10s to Augspurguers and a bunch of other stuff). I don't miss any of it (nor the $750$ a month electric bill for my own studio :facepalm:). ...

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Preamp with very low distorted output

I bought a 500 series preamp on eBay. It's a trident 80b preamp. First thing I noticed when i plugged it into my rack was the phantom power LED switch did not light up. When I plugged a mic into it (dynamic and condenser) the output of the microphone was very low and extremely...

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