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DAW software for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Tracktion 5

I have been watching videos and messing with Tracktion 5 over the weekend. This program seems extremely advanced to me. It does so many simple little things that PT, for example, does not do. The flexibility of routing, freeze capabilities and so much more are really very well thought out...and intuitive. Does anybody else feel...

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My singer-friend got "robbed". I wanna buy her some starting studio gear...

...has professional aspects? this is quite a learning curve. I have worked with Cubase, but at home I love the free Tracktion 7 (there are newer versions) for certain mixing tasks, but its recording and editing capabilities are only semi-professional, still meant for musicians who record their own demo stuff in quite simple ways. Together...

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Noob Question - DAW help and advice

Random suggestion. Get yourself Tracktion 7 for free, then get an issue of Computer Music magazine and you get access to the CM plugin bundle. You now have a fully capable DAW and plugins for the price of a decent magazine and you can spend some more time figuring out which paid for DAW...

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