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TNC Audio ACMP-84
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Bae 1073/neve 1073/stam 1073 I was using the UAD 1073 Unison preamps for a while and I also own an old TNC ACMP-84, which is a very early Neve clone release in a group buy here on GS. Neither has the huge sound of the Dan Alexander. I have used the Stam MKI at my friend Martin’s...

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Bae 1073/neve 1073/stam 1073

both sounded good .I thought the Stam had a thicker sound not that that was better and on acoustic guitar you can really hear it ...not so much on the other tracks

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Neve 1073 vs Neve 1073 vs?

I would not call the TNC ACMP-84 high end. I'd call them budget. I really only mentioned them here, because I own them and was able to put them next to the high Dan Alexander and Neve 1073 DPX.

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