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TK Audio BC1 MkII
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Let's talk pop vocals! Tracking, Mixing, Gear, Technique.

...there's no stacking). I think I mixed through my Hammer EQ for a bit of top end, and my TK Audio BC1mk2 compressor (that probably wasn't doing much) but the rest would have been ITB. Hope that's useful to some!

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TK Audio Releases BC501 - Powerful New 500 Series Compressor (Available Now)

Oh my tk audio bc1 mk2 beats the shit out of duendes bus compressor. Also slates grey vbc has no chance. I can always pick the tk audio in a blindtest.

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Stam 4000 mk2 or Tegeler creme

...the first batch yet. You'll get the unit I'm sure, just a case of when. Have you considered the TK Audio BC1 MKII? I was after an SSL/Smart C2 style compressor and the TK audio one is fantastic. It has a ton of extra options wet/dry hpf, extra attack times, l -r mode, sidechain. I'm...

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