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Twin Servo 2-ch

The John Hardy Company Twin Servo 2-ch
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Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp 2-Channel:

Transformer enhanced technology for superior sonic performance. Bringing science to sound.

The Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp is considered the world's finest mic preamp by audio experts. It's the ideal integration of advanced design software, hardware, engineering know-how, and carefully controlled 'golden ears' tests. It has earned high marks for sonic performance since its introduction in 1988.

The basic circuit was originally published as an application note by Jensen Transformers for their finest microphone input transformer, the JT-16-B. Each channel uses two precision 990C operational amplifier modules, developed and patented by Deane Jensen, to achieve one tenth the distortion and twice the bandwidth of a single stage design.

This special 2-channel version of the Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp was originally developed for Sony Classical to provide high resolution switch-selectable gain control. It uses a 22 position rotary switch with gold plated contacts, providing a gain adjustment range of 18-60dB in steps of 2dB.

The Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp has a 19" wide mainframe rack-mount chassis (1.75"H x 19"W x 8"D) and is only available as a fixed two channel version.


Radial 500 Series Twin Servo Preamp

I just saw an ad for this in Recording mag. It looks like a 500 version of the John Hardy Twin Servo, which was announced several years ago but to my knowledge was never released. I wonder if they licensed the product from him....

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Radial 500 Series Twin Servo Preamp

Here is a look at board #1 of my Jensen Twin Servo 500 mic preamp card. I am performing final testing and tweaking. You may need to click on a thumbnail to see it. Thank you. John Hardy The John Hardy Co. The John Hardy Co. Home

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Louder than Liftoff Silver Bullet first impressions

Snippage..... As mentioned earlier - yes, I was referring to the proprietary LTL mojo amp format. Thanks for the thoughts. kfhkh Some good ideas. The Hitmakers seem to have been a solid choice for almost everyone. Cheers,

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