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SansAmp PSA-1.1

Tech21 SansAmp PSA-1.1
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Programmable Guitar/Bass Amplifier and Cabinet Emulation Processor


Hardware Effects with Digital Distortion/Overdrive

Cheating: SansAmp PSA 1.1 (analog digitally controlled) 1u 19' rack - a guitar pre. I discovered this baby when working with my pal in LA who has an epic old school 2" Studer tape machine, vintage API console, Neve, UA, Neumann thing going on. (anyone who says using 909 samples and soft synths ITB ought...

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Amp sims vst's negligible to kemper, why?

...anywhere close beofre the kemper. Things I tried. Using preamps/DI <=> pedals => tube compressors => speaker sim, ****ty Tech 21 PSA-1.1 SansAmp PSA-1.1 Programmable 1U Rackmount, meh Rectifier® Recording Pre-Amp - nice looking, but not that great.... Amplitube, not bad, not that good. Guitar Rig, meh Revalver -prob my fav vst in terms of amp sim All this monitored on...

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