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TC Electronic BMC-2
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The TC Electronic BMC-2 Digital Audio Converter and Monitor Controller is a dedicated Digital-to-Analog Converter and high quality hands-on Monitor Control, whatever your audio production or monitoring set-up is digital or analog.


TC Electronics BMC 2 Monitor Control with DA

Hi s-c, I've never worked with RME interfaces for long enough to form an opinion. DA on the BMC-2 is very good. Prior to getting the BMC-2 I was going out of a Scope Pro card into a Mackie Big Knob to the analog inputs on the K&H's. In comparison to that setup using the...

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Amphion... Beautiful

DIFFERENCES - ONE15 VS. ONE18 Personal impressions. Driven by Amphion 100w amp. Source is RME FF UC > TC BMC-2 > Benchmark DAC-1 One15: - quite a bit more forward in upper registers - yet less detail in both bass and treble: a little bit more one-noteich bass and treble is grainier/coarser - a little less airy treble - less...

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What to do; Type 30 mk2 or S3V

...and NS10s) With the savings i'll also not be inclined to sell the LYDs, be able to get a TC BMC-2 from a seller in my area so can go in digitally to the S3V and still analog into the alts, some ISO stands, and still have money to spare. Another thing is options for eventual...

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