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Squeez SQ-2

Tapco Squeez SQ-2
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The Squeez SQ-2 from Tapco is a dual channel compressor with gating and a single band, adjustable "Air" EQ. The EQ can be used for obtaining the classic vocal sound of the 60s and 70s, or for replacing high frequency content due to heavy compression. Inserts on both channels allow for frequency sensitive compression.

The compressor section offers both auto "soft-knee" and "hard-knee" curves, while the gate employs "soft" operation and an expander function at the threshold to eliminate clicks from drums and other percussive sounds.

The unit provides dedicated threshold and ratio controls along with attack and release controls for the compressor, an output control that allows for volume make-up and eight LEDs on each channel display gain reduction. An automatic attack/release button is provided for those that prefer ease of use, or are unfamiliar with the subtleties of compression.


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