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AN-2 Stereo Simulator

Studio Technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator
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The Studio Technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator has numerous applications within recording, live performance, film and broadcast operations because of its ability to create a simulated stereo signal from a monophonic source.

The AN-2 is also capable of a number of audio effects centering on its ability to simulate stereo. The stereo signal produced by the AN-2 is completely mono compatible, so that it can be remixed back to mono without the serious signal degradation often encountered when remixing simulated stereo produced by other equipment such as delay lines and harmonizers. In addition, the AN-2 is equipped with a proprietary circuit that randomizes the non-reclusive filtering process, thereby avoiding the harmonic harshness that often results from stereo simulation with delay lines.

Performance Highlights

  • Restores natural timbre of acoustic instruments—adds warmth and reality to synthesized ones.
  • Completely mono-compatible—no fade-outs or phase problems.
  • Simulates the sound of a spaced pair of microphones without loss of mono compatibility.
  • Simulates space without reverberation by using random, non-recursive filter techniques.
  • Adds “air” and “definition” to mix, reducing the need for equalization.
  • Variable width control allows “spread” and “size” of image to match sound.


Show me your RACK !!! 2006

Looks to me like a studio technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator. Killer box. I picked one up after a lot of engineers I respect said that it was their secret weapon. Love that thing.

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HW Worth Owning for Mixing Hybrid?

At the beginning of the year I acquired a Studio Technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator. I compared it to all my "widening" plugs... Waves S1, UAD Roland Dim.D, Eventide, Brainworx, etc.... and while some are "close", the AN-2 still feels/sounds better to me in a blind a/b test. The sonics are just more open, full...

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