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Studio Electronics CODE 8
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8 sinewave generators for Oscillator 1 and the brilliant new Filter Control Section which allow sweeping and tweaking the discrete filter types in real time (as opposed to unreal?), set this NovaMusik-partnered Omega Series Synth apart from our beloved, standard issue Omega 8s. Clever switches in the Filter Control Section also contribute to the CODE's expressiveness via momentary control of assignable parameters, and full panel control—secluded behind veils of edit windows in the Omega—of the auto-triggering External Audio Input, jack you wholly into the synth's processing and punctuating power.

All models are available in an "OD" version; as in warm and fuzzy classic analog amp overdrive for each stereo voice. Start out modestly with a Mono CODE and work your way up (2, 4...) to a figured eight.

As with the Omega 8, the CODE is powered by S.E.M. and Mini filters, which are standard, 128 Multimode patches, 512 Factory Presets. Thrown into the mix are the highly percussive Theriot ($139 sold separately) and fabulously versatile Cadix ($189 sold separately) banks.


Roland System 8

...would invest their money in this apparent piece of garbage? Someone like me who has some top notch analog polys Code 8 , Andromeda, Jupiter 4 ,super Jupiter etc and also thinks the S8 Sounds good. Maybe I'm just not refined enough to hear how bad the S8 sounds? Roland should discontinue this immediately :lol: Maybe you should get...

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Studio Electronics Omega 8

I have a CODE 8 and it's one of my favorite synths in my collection. Cannot be beat when it comes to lush pads, chords, and transitions/weirdFX type stuff. Also it does excellent "organic" sub-bass. In those categories it is a 10 out of 10. I will sequence rapid 1/16th note stuff on it,...

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Studio Electronics Code 8 Questions & Clarifications

...future will be able to access this information and help themselves out now that you shared all this about the Code 8 / Omega. Generally speaking i think Split 1 + 7 would be the most useful for me, as i can have a bassline running on Voice 1 and 7 sound polyphony for the...

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