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Studio Electronics ATC1
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Analogue monophonic Rack Synthesizer. The two oscillators provide triangle, sawtooth and variable width square; Osc sync; white noise gen. It has two LFO's with triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, noise, random, Sample & Hold. The three envelopes control the VCA, the VCF and the third a different parameter.
This is the first ATC model, with the four filter cartridges. The ATC-1 usually ships with the Minimoog filter cartridge. There are also filters of the Roland TB-303, ARP 2600 and Oberheim SEM. It has an external audio input. The synth can hold 512 user defined patches. It can be controlled with MIDI and CV/Gate.
It was produced in 1997 and onwards.


Studio Electronics Boomstar

I was JUST about to go eurorack to get some kind of clones for ARP etc. Now thats totally on hold! Cant wait for some kind of price indications. The only synth i regret selling is the ATC-1, so i have good faith in this. (crossing fingers)

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List of Synthesizers featuring rare features

...of being converter): Control Synthesis Deep Bass 9 MFB Schlagzwerg Krafzwerg Synth II (CV/Gate Input only) Doepfer A-100 MS-404 New England Digital Synclavier Novation BassStation rack Syntecno TeeBee Spectral Audio Neptune I / II ProTone Technosaurus Microcon II FutureRetro Revolution 777 PAiA Fatman Studio Electronics ATC-1 Buchla 700 Series Oberheim Xpander Tom Oberheim SEM Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Little Phatty Yamaha DX-1 Waldorf Pulse plus Q Arpeggiator and/or sequencer can be used as modulation source: Access Virus TI (OS4) Alesis Andromeda A6 Fusion Ion Micron E-MU XL-7 MP-7 PX-7 GRP A4 A8 Korg Radias Roland EF-303 DSI Instruments Prophet '08 Mopho Waldorf Q Yamaha CS-30 Keyboards/Synthesizers/modules with balanced XLR output(s) (Excluding expansions and add-ons): Akai S6000 ARP Odyssey Mk III Omni Casio FZ-10M FZ-20M VZ-10M Elektron Monomachine (Only TRS 1/4") Machinedrum (Only...

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My SoundDiver Adaptions

...use my Unitor 8. Everything is working great with all my synths with the exception of my Studio Electronics ATC-1. SoundDiver wont send program change messages to the ATC. In fact there's no activity at all on the Unitor 8 when switching programs in SoundDiver. I'm running the latest ATC...

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