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  • 7.5, 15, 30 IPS and Varispeed
  • It can also play and record in reverse (ala Eddie Kramer/Jimi Hendrix)
  • Dual High Res Opto Tape sensors, improve accuracy and responsiveness of tape handling
  • DC Disc Rotor Capstan Motors with microprocessor controls
  • Antiskew tracking featuring tape edge compensation. Better phase stability and smooth tape handling
  • Studer Autolocater with 20 cue memory settings
  • 2” 24 Track glass/metal 318 Hard Heads
Built in Tone Generator


Will we ever see a NEW tape deck/reel to reel?

...Materials are much cheaper now. The R&D is already done. The multitrack was perfected in the late 80s with the a827. Machining tolerances finally got to an ultra precision/price performance. It would now just be a question of figuring out the most cost effective way to mass produce/manufacture. I'm sure someone in Japan...

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...effects, a Roland digital keyboard and a drum machine. He burst into the room and I immediately put the Studer A827 in record. I did not want to miss a second of anything ('cause I knew it would be bye-bye for me if I did). Prince tapped on the drum machine with his left...

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How much to sell a Studer A827 24 tr. for?

The OP specifically posted to inquire as to the realistic market value of a machine he's trying to sell. He didn't ask for a debate on why you believe said machine is crap because you <xxx> format is quantitatively better, in your opinion. #GSisRad

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