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Sterling Audio ST51
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What can I do to improve sound quality ?

Hi , my current setup is : Sterling Audio ST51 Condenser > M-Audio Fast Track MKII > PC > Pro Tools 9 I made some awesome beats , but when I record the vocals , they sound less quality than the beat , I mean that the beat sounds better, even when mastered etc. What...

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Video: 18 Cheap Large Diaphragm Condenser Vocal Mic Test

...the upper-right corner Rode K2 Tube Mic Behringer C-1 MXL 880 M-Audio Nova CAD GXL2400 MXL 550 Rode NT2000 MXL V63M MXL 2006 MXL R80 Ribbon Mic MXL V67 Samson C01 Sterling Audio ST51 MXL 3000 MXL 990s MXL 2001 MXL V69 Tube Mic Rode NTK Tube MIc Recorded with Digidesign PRE into Digidesign 192 Analog to Digital clocked with Apogee Big Ben at 44.1 khz 24 bit into Pro Tools 12.8.1...

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iSK Pro Audio = Low End Heaven ?

I figured you must mean M49. I'm pretty sure that the BM900 is way too small - similar shape to the M49 but half the size.

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