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Standard Audio Level-Or
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I'm finally doing it. I'm getting rid of my computer.

...the main thing I need is some compression. Not expensive, just old and crappy. Any suggestions? Is the Standard Audio Level-Or an accurate tribute piece? Lo-fi is good. The most expensive piece I'll probably add to this setup is an 1176, since I've been intending to get one for my main rig anyway. At...

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ValhallaDelay. Available Today. $50.

...for ValhallaDelay in action: The first four bars are dry, consisting of a single Flea 249 microphone through a Standard Audio Level-Or. ValhallaDelay then kicks in with all of its classic phaser glory for the duration of the clip, utilizing the 4-stage mode with some diffusion added for extra phaser soup! I gotta admit, I'm FANATIC...

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Looking for "inexpensive" saturation boxes. circuits... it has a assymetrical "tube-like" drive -mosfet based, fuzz, square, and a more subtle harmonic/transparent drive). The level-or is a bit of a one trick pony for me (but it is a great trick). Mostly, I'll drive it hard and blend to taste in my DAW. In truth,...

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