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MixDream XP

SPL MixDream XP
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The MixDream is a cascadable, 16-in-2 analog mixer in a 19/1U format. Any DAW or digital console can be expanded with high-grade analog stereo summing functionality.MixDream AdvantagesAn Features Active analog summing on just 1U rack spaceno analog mixing console necessary Sophisticated, active Class A/6oV stages for analog summing in the quality of the best consoles All analog tracks can be summed before A/D conversion. Channel adjustments and automation (level, panorama etc.) remain controlled from the DAW so the user loses no digital efficiency Lower DAW processor utilization rates Latency free monitoring Surround capable (from up to 3 MixDreamXP units) Channel capacity expandable through linked units Proprietary differential amplifiers for each input


SSL SiX small format mixer???

...go buy what u need to accomplish that. I have a summing setup comprised of a Sigma(the heart), an SPL Mixdream XP, Tonelux TILT8 & Heritage MCM-8(fed from Sigma) loaded with stereo compressors. I'm gonna replace the Mixdream on the drum bus with the Six so I can also use it to a portable...

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SPL mixdream xp sounds really nice

This deserves an update note. I have the SPL mixdream XP running with an Aurora 8 since about 4 weeks. I produce House/Techno with ableton / reaper. It makes a not so subtile difference. The native DAW signal is clean, but also a little random/bedroom/less of character. The XP signal has a kind of grit that...

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Analog Summing setup advise

...into the analog summing device. The 2 units analog summing units that i have been looking at are the SPL Mixdream XP or the larger Mixdream 2384 unit, and the Dangerous 2 Bus+. I've heard great things about all 3 of these units, so it makes it hard for me to pull the trigging...

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