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Creamer Plus

Sonic Farm Creamer Plus
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The word of mouth is faster that the speed of sound! The Creamer is becoming the “go to” preamp for more and more discriminating engineers and producers!

How is Creamer different from the rest of “the pack”? Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has a very pleasing pentode coloration while retaining transparency until now achieved only with meticulously designed solid state preamps. The advanced hybrid design enables a switchable solid state or transformer output for two distinctively different characters. When you add a choice of pentode or triode tube mode, there are in fact 4 preamp sounds in it.

Unlike some highly popular pro-audio gear manufacturers who use cheap Chinese transformers, we use only the highest quality Cinemag types on both input and output. The bottom line: Creamer will love everything you throw at it: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, acoustic instruments, etc.


Sonic Farm Creamliner for Mastering

I'm not surprised, I have the the Sonic Creamer plus preamp + that I tried to use for mastering but it was difficult to calibrate because it's not stepped, anyway the result was very promising.

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Sonic Farm releases Creamer SE pentode preamp

The new Creamer Special Edition (SE) is an upgraded version of the company's popular Creamer Plus pentode preamp. The changes are as follows: - all discrete signal path now in both output modes - reduced current draw means less heating and even more stability - new bias circuit with 4 gain settings eliminates the need for pad -...

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Crane Song Interstellar... anyone try it yet? mentioned before having it as a interface really where this makes it next level. I have a Sonic Farm Creamer Plus SE for duties like you are going for. Lots of tools out there man!

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