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Steven Slate and his team spent three years developing the new Slate Digital VRS-8, the final piece in a suite of software and hardware tools that puts a Virtual Recording Studio in a single rack space, and it shows.

The Slate Digital VRS-8 is packed with boutique components and boasts specs that reflects Slate’s “no compromise” design. This 8-channel audio interface combines the company’s familiar Ultra Linear microphone preamps with custom converter and CPU chips to deliver an industry-leading 124 dB of dynamic range across all eight inputs and an astonishingly low latency, whether using Thunderbolt (Mac) or PCIe (Mac/PC) connectivity.

These are the same transparent VMS-One preamps from Slate’s award-winning Virtual Microphone System, which means you can run any of the company’s microphone and preamp modeling software in real time. Slate’s new LLN (Low Latency Native) technology uses a hardwired custom chipset to enable a round-trip latency at 96 kHz of just 0.7 milliseconds, the same as Pro Tools | HDX and the lowest of any native solution. This enables you to monitor through Slate’s mic and preamp emulations while tracking or to change your mind and choose different models during your mix process. Unlike other interfaces, you control your preamp gains on the front of the Slate Digital VRS-8, not through a software menu.

Additionally, there are two separate monitor mixes with discrete custom headphone amplifier circuitry, speaker switching capabilities, native — not USB — MIDI IO and satellite-grade clocking technology and this virtual recording studio in a 1RU box gives you the same experience as you would have with a rack full of pro audio tools.

Slate Digital has removed the CPU overhead and latency issues of USB connectivity, integrating PCIe and Thunderbolt options, which offer identical performance. You can link up to six Slate Digital VRS-8VRS-8s over Thunderbolt to achieve 48 inputs and outputs.

As Slate Digital says, it’s the studio of your dreams at a price you can afford.


Eight Ultra Linear VMS-One mic preamps, enabling you to use Slate’s microphone and preamp emulations on every input and controlled directly from the front panel for easy control when tracking
LLN™ (Low Latency Native) custom hard-wired converter chipset, which reduces managed components in the audio path and allows an incredible 0.7 milliseconds of latency at 96k (with a 32-sample buffer), allowing you to monitor through mic and preamp emulations while tracking
Mastering-quality conversion technology incorporates the newest AKM converters, offering a whopping industry-best 124 dB of dynamic range on all inputs
XTC satellite-grade clocking technology, utilizing four temperature-compensated crystal oscillators for ultra-stable audio performance
Built-in monitor switching and discrete headphone amplifiers
Native MIDI IO, for accurate MIDI timing that doesn’t utilize the USB bus
The VRS-8 comes with a free one-year subscription to the Everything Bundle — every plug-in the company makes — as well as the option to purchase a five-pack of ML-2 microphones at a substantial discount


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