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Slate Digital FG-X (Virtual Mastering Processor)
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The FG-Level is the industry’s top loudness enhancer, relying on a proprietary Intelligent Transient Preservation process. Rather than simply brickwall limit, the ITP process optimizes saturation curves to absorb peaks in a more natural and transparent way.
The FG-Level also includes mastering-grade transient enhancement, as well as a revolutionary algorithm called Dynamic Perception, which increases the perceived dynamics in a mix. Overall, the FG-X is capable of increasing the loudness of a mix to pro mastering-quality levels without ever sounding like anything has changed, as punch, depth, and dynamics remain intact.


Slate - new products every month, still no FGX fix update?! "Greatest, most amazing, utterly unbelievable" stuff gets released almost every month now...but still no news about the promised FG-X update!? I don't really feel taken seriously's quite disappointing :-/ Come on is not everything, what are your priorities nowadays? Please don't forget your roots...and your early customers... ...just a thought

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Slate Digital Introduce INFINITY EQ

Will it happen earlier than the FG-X 2 release? Thanks!

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Who Uses Plugin Alliance?

Isn’t FGX 2 out shortly, I read somewhere that the programming has now been done by Fabrice or something to that effect after all this time....

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