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Siemens W295b
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Nebula must have

...purpose) CDSoundMaster Focal Point 115HD (general purpose) Analog In The Box Doc Fear (top end) AlexB VBeQ (low end) AlexB Vintage PoolTeQ (mid/top range) CDSoundMaster W295B (top end) CDSoundMaster Q8 (low pass filter for vocal group) TranscendingMusic Xfomer Verda (kick's God) Tape CDSoundMaster R2R (I couldn't care less if it sounds like tape, it's the best thing to get a great tonal balance) Rhythminmind...

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Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion

...(8) - Homebrew Sontec 432 inspired (close to the original, cleaner sounding) Silk EQ - Siemens W295b, Tim Petherick sampling. (discontinued) Tan (8) - IGS Audio Multicore Compressor (one band) Titanium (9 with Ultramatch) - Tube-Tech SMC 2B Multiband Compressor Trinity EQ - Altec Interface Console EQ, AlexB sampling. (discontinued) Ultramarine (9) - Fairchild 670 Versatile - A hybrid between...

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