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SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones feature an expansive soundstage with clear, extended highs and warm bass.

  • For professional engineers, musicians, and audiophiles
  • Closed-back circumaural earcups in a lightweight, ergonomic yoke
  • Dual-exit, detachable straight cables
  • Includes SRH1540, replacement Alcantara™ ear pads, threaded 1/4" gold-plated adapter, hard zippered case, 2 cables, and user guide


Best mixing headphones!

Spent the past several months with a pair of new Shure 1540's closed back headphones. I spend a lot of time under the cans and the comfort, stereo field and frequency "truth" are the best "closed back" I've used. They're completely broken in now and until Sennheiser works their magic on a...

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dSONIQ Realphones | New popular headphones & IEM support added

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closed back headphones for tracking processed vocals?

ok i went with some Shure SRH1540 and a nice tube headphone amp on the way will report back after doing some tracking with them ! and latency is no issue with UAD ;) im only putting on auto tune tho, not reverbs or anything during tracking

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