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Sherman Filterbank
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The Sherman Filterbank 2 Desktop is a dense analog filter with an exemplary frequency range and characteristically deranged overdrive. The unit’s straightforward front panel interface and internal MIDI ensure its suitability for both live and studio applications.

The FB 2 Desktop features independent switchable low-pass and high-pass filters, each with frequency, resonance, and ADSR controls. Filter 2 features a six-octave switch that can sync with Filter 1. One of the ADSR generators features an external output that can be used with other Filterbanks or modular systems.

Additionally, the envelope can be triggered via an external source for even for synchronization options. Rounding out the FD 2’s already superb features is an FM input for both filters, a VCS overdrive with dedicated AR generator, and a ring modulation input.


proud to be belgian

i wouldn't be proud of that at all. i would be proud of new beat, Front 242, Sherman filterbank, Lassence Ventury, Modor NF 1 kfhkh

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Elektron Analog Heat

...features - sound card, multiple saturation circuits, digital controls, daw integration by way of plugin, m/s operation - that the Filterbank doesn't. These features may not be that attractive to you personally, but they go a long way towards justifying the price. It's obviously a matter of preference as to which saturation / filter...

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Most versatile synth overdrive/distortion pedal that you like?

The cool thing about the drives is you can slave one through midi...for the blowout prices they were great value. I like the dod gunslinger and the Source Audio LA Lady, has some nice algorithms you can download into it, stereo or parallel mono too but if you want to talk large pedals and odd power supplies...

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