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Sequentix Cirklon
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Continuing from where our P3 Sequencer left off, it retains the P3's unique step-sequencer capabilites, and adds an event-list pattern type ideal for polyphonic synth and drum parts, with event-list and drum grid editing.

The user-interface is based around a 240x64 pixel graphic LED display, 19 rotary encoders with push-switches, 2 assignable knobs, 35 high-quality Cherry keys with integrated LEDs, and a further 35 tri-colour status LEDs.

Cirklon has up to 64 tracks, user-configurable as 1 to 4 banks of 16.
There are 5 independent MIDI INs and OUTs to connect a large number of controllers and synths/sound modules while keeping MIDI latency to a minimum.

There is USB MIDI connectivity for DAW synchronisation, soft-synth control or MIDI pass-thru from a PC, and a DIN Sync output which can also be configured to connect an upcoming multi-channel analogue percussion trigger interface.

The optional CVIO analogue bus provides 16 hi-res CV outputs, and 8 configurable gate out/CV ins on a 25 pin connector, giving direct control of analogue synths with optimum timing response and no further load on the MIDI ports.

The 32-bit, 72MHz ARM Cortex CPU runs a proprietary sequencer engine to ensure optimum timing accuracy.

All MIDI ports are provided by hardware serial ports in the CPU core itself.

Pattern storage is comprised of 2MB battery-backed internal RAM, with internal flash and an SD/MMC card socket for data backup.


Can't decide between Cirklon or Pyramid

so, there's the ultimate answer to „cirklon or pyramid?“ question: get Pyramid, because you should have something to use while waiting for Cirklon.

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ISLA Instruments S2400 exceptionally pedantic and unfair for a device that is so solid - I mean serious badass, hangs with my Cirklon and MPC60 like they grew up together. I have no problem sharing the opinion that in my environment, with my fairly casual evaluation both by ear / bones, and by lining up the cursor...

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Latronic Notron Supersteps

Gerard and David understood (maybe intuitively) that if you gave a musician a set of simple tools and allowed those tools to interact you could produce quite wonderous results. They never attempted to jam as many features as possible into the Notron but they didn't really restrict how and where the various functions could...

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