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Sequential Circuits PROPHET 2002
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Intended to represent Sequential's first entry into the low-cost digital sampler market, the Prophet 2002 was equipped with 256kB sample memory (expandable to 512kB), and selectable sampling rates of 16, 32, and 42 kHz at 12-bit audio resolution. External storage was available through 3.5" diskettes. The Prophet 2002 featured MIDI (in, out, and thru), 8-voice polyphony, up to 8 layers, and an arpeggiator. Despite their technological limitations, early digital samplers like the Prophet 2002 are noted for their warm audio quality as a result of using analog VCFs and VCAs.[3]

Feedback was presented through a small LED display, which was typical for contemporary machines. The Prophet 2002 introduced features to enhance its looping capabilities, which resulted in easier use and reduction in clicking at the end of a loop. Like Casio CZ synthesizers of the time, the Prophet 2002 was also multitimbral, making it possible for multiple samples to be triggered off its keyboard at one time.

While playing high frequencies, the Prophet 2002 had a tendency to fall out of tune. This flaw was common in many early Sequential products. Engineer Chris Meyer corrected this issue for the Prophet VS, the first digital synthesizer given the green light by Sequential founder Dave Smith.


Lets talk samplers!

...dont do it that way and their samples sound harsh. Other samplers I like a lot are: EMU Emax1 (no brainer) Sequencial Prophet 2002 (similar to the Emax but a little cleaner) Roland S220 and 770 (VERY under rated. They sound VERY good) SP's, MPC3000's and S950's are cool but kind of over rated imo.

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Weird E-mu addiction

Thanks, Maybe the S950 is the worst of those, but sounds good to me. Maybe will be the first to put in sale after I master all of them. I hate the S3000xl, as I said it robbed all the low end. Akai S32000 non xl of a friend seems not ( but I used...

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Cats & Synths Thread 2021<

...always been a Serge creature: And lastly here is the Beautific Miss Fluffy contemplating the inscrutable interface of the Sequential Prophet 2002 and gently mocking me for my inability set a decent loop point via the 2 character LED.

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