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MD 421

Sennheiser MD 421
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The MD 421 is a well-known Sennheiser microphone of proven reliability and per­form­ance for many years now. Because of its excellent quality it is being used for almost all kinds of applications. The broadcasting stations use it for radio and TV field work, the musician prefers it for stage work as well as the recording amateur for home and outdoor recordings. The studio cardioid microphone MD 421 features a wide frequency response from 30 to 17,000 Hz. Its high sensitivity and slight increase in response towards high frequencies are responsible for its brilliant sound. Each microphone is custom calibrated and delivered with its own per­form­ance chart which may be com­pared with the published standard per­form­ance plot printed in this leaflet. Each individual frequency plot has to fall within the published limits of the standard per­form­ance curve. The cardioid directional characteristic of the MD 421 with its front-to-back ratio of approximately 18 dB is an important feature making the microphone suitable for use in sound reinforcement systems and all situations where it has to be used near loudspeakers. To prevent hum pickup by magnetic stray fields the IVID 421 is fitted with a compensation coil.


so the new 421 coming out...

I switched to MD441s on toms and haven’t looked back. I do like the beige 421 I have on guitar cab though, but never could understand them on toms. The off-axis response sounds ugly and phasey to me.

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Strokes guitar tone

...players equipped with Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive/Distortion pedals. That is what you are hearing. Both amps recorded with a single 421 Senheisser mic thru an API preamp. The rest of the magic is down to the actual interplay that was written into their parts, and the fact that they had the power and precision...

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Best Budget Starter Microphone?

This is Awesome! I hadn't even heard of the OC18! Everyone seems to love it. Seems to have all the pros of the 414 with a warmer sound apparently. Thanks a ton man!

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