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MD 409 U3

Sennheiser MD 409 U3
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The Sennheiser MD 409 U 3
dynamic pressure gradient microphone

The MD 409 U 3 is a dynamic microphone, especially suited for use with percussion and brass instruments. The following text is from Sennheiser publication 18588/A 02, which is dated May, 1986.


  • Undistorted transmission of powerful instruments and instrument amplifiers due to large surface membrane
  • Extremely good feedback protection due to pronounced directional characteristics
  • Good acoustical separation of the individual instruments, e. g. when recording percussion
  • Insensitive to handling noise due to shock-mounted system
  • Sound inlet basket made from stainless steel, therefore very robust
  • Needs only a little space due to flat, rectangular design
  • Genuine gold-plated sound inlet
  • Unbreakable quick release clamp


Blackfire md 509 is it the same as the 409?

I seem to remember Sennheiser making some changes to how the MD409 was manufactured as it was getting very expensive to make and the price it would have to be sold at would have killed it. The BF509 would have been the same as the MD409 immediately before it. The BF521 and BF541 were identical to...

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Burl Mothership or 2" Tape Machine? another area. Get some better A/D, and either augment your SM57 with a 121, or just use a MD409. TLM 103 is dreadful on most sources, btw. That's not going to help you find the sound you seek, probably.

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Mic Advice (drums, vocal, guitar & bass cabs)

Thank you!!! You've all given me a lot of good information to digest. So far it's looking like I'll be mostly sticking to my current setup with maybe a tweak or two. Especially the vocal mic. Either way, I'll be spending a lot of time experimenting before the next project.

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