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Roland TR-808
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The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (a.k.a. the "808") was one of the first programmable drum machines ("TR" standing for Transistor Rhythm). Introduced by the Roland Corporation in the early 1980s, it was originally manufactured for use as a tool for studio musicians to create demos. Like earlier Roland drum machines, it does not sound very much like a real drum kit. However, the TR-808 cost US$1,195 upon its release, which was considerably more affordable than digital sampling machines such as the US$5,000 Linn LM-1.

Drum machines became an integral part of hip hop music as a cheap and simple way of producing a drum sound. The Roland TR-808 held specific appeal because of the ability of its bass drum sound to produce extremely low-frequency sounds. It also featured various unique artificial percussion sounds that characterized the TR-808: a deep bass kick drum, "tinny handclap sounds", "the ticky snare, the tishy hi-hats (open and closed) and the spacey cowbell". The Roland TR-808 would eventually be used on more hit records than any other drum machine, and has thus attained an iconic status within the music industry. The machine's successor was the Roland TR-909.


Behringer RD808 Analog Drum Machine

Ive an 808 and can say the TR-8s doesn't do a convincing 808. But in many ways its "better" as long as you don't use the cymbals or open hats...

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Behringer RD808 Analog Drum Machine

...spread out. Closed Hat: 3x TR8 then 3x RD8 (x3) This one is weird. I have the aforementioned two sample packs of original TR808s. Both sample packs sound different. The TR8 matches one sample pack closely. The RD8 matches the other sample pack perfectly. I guess the machines both companies reverse engineered were just like that I...

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Roland Cloud

Hi , any chance , Roland can add all the tones from the mc + mv that are missing in zenology pro ? I know the mv has added some new extra banks , and occasionally I use a tone on the mc 101 , then go to zen pro , to add some custom system...

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