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Roland TR-08
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Ultra-compact recreation of the legendary TR-808 drum machine
Retains the sound, character, and user interface of the original TR-808
Hands-on control including tone, level, tuning, and decay
Added Compressor, Gain, Tune, and Pan for selected instruments
Programmable via classic Step and Tap write modes
Sequencer has 16 steps with 16 sub-steps for detailed patterns and rolls
Continue playing beats even while switching between write modes
LED display for easier navigation and fine control of tempo and shuffle
Ten separate outputs via USB audio
Dedicated, track-selectable trigger output for controlling external instruments
High-quality construction with metal front panel
Highly portable for mobile music making
Includes DK-01 Boutique Dock for multiple-angle viewing
Battery-operated (4 x AA) or USB powered
Built-in powered mini-speaker for instant enjoyment
Compatible with optional Roland Boutique accessories


Roland TR-08

Bought a TR-08. An interesting piece i must say and massaging patterns feels very similar to the og as far as the process is concerned. However, what this box does to a purist, it increases the GAS for a yocto etc.. Because, even as the workflow and handling is acceptable, and sound is okay,...

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I bought a load of hardware synths......because because I'm an idiot

...studio from scratch, I have bought (and sold) the following hardware... (in order of appearance) Waldorf Pulse 2 Korg Minilogue Novation Peak Roland System-8 Roland TR-08 (sold) Casio CZ-1 Elektron Analog Rytm mkII (sold) Akai S3000XL (+upgrades. for sale) Elektron Analog Heat mkII Mood Subsequent 37 Korg Prologue (sold due to tuning problem but re-bought) DSI Rev2 (sold) Korg Prologue Korg Monologue (for sale) DSI Rev2 (sold - still...

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Behringer RD-8MKII v/s ROLAND TR-8s (audio samples)

...their compressed algorithms. They do have an ear for squeezing a pleasing tone from limited resources. As for the boutiques, the tr08 is fascinating. It has the aforementioned limits soundwise (hats are very odd) but it does have other appeal. The build and "vintage feel" is very slick, this is where behri will always suffer...

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