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Roland RSP-550
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The Roland RSP-550 is equipped with a wide variety of high-quality effects which are suited to a great range of applications; whether it be for line signal processing or for enhancing musical instrument sounds. Moreover, by using MIDI to connect the unit with external devices, a great number of other performance possibilities can be enjoyed.

2-ln, 2-0ut Routing
The Roland RSP-550 provides true stereo performance, thanks to its 2-ln, 2-0ut system. Moreover, it allows you to obtain stereo processing even when using mono input, such as when using the SendlReturns on a mixer.

Provides a Wide Selection of Algorithms
The Roland RSP-550 contains a complete range of Algorithms, each providing immediately usable and practical combinations of the on-board effects. All 39 were carefully designed to accommodate a particular musical situation. Algorithms include Stereo Reverb, Multi-tap Delay, and Keyboard Multi.

These Algorithms also contribute towards greater convenience and ease whenever you wish to create your own Effects Programs, since a rich variety of sound possibilities can be obtained simply by changing the parameters of an Algorithm.

Store up to 160 Original Effects Programs
In addition to the 39 Preset Effects Programs, you can also store up to 160 Effects Programs of your own. These programs can be selected instantaneously, simply by pressing panel buttons or depressing an external pedal.

Real-Time Parameter Control
Simply by manipulating controls of by depressing a pedal, or an external MIDI device during performance, you can alter selected parameter values, or select a desired Effects Program whenever you wish.

Program Change Mapping
A convenient Program Change Mapping function allows you to match MIDI Program Change Numbers with the Program Numbers of the Roland RSP-550.


Roland RSP-550? Any thoughts?

I have a MPX-1 and a RSP-550. Though it must not be 1.04 because I don't have black hole. I like the reverb on the MPX-1 better, but everything else on the RSP-550 is fantastic. Mainly use the SDD-320 modified preset and analog chorus. Given the choice I'd pick the RSP every time, probably...

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Klark Teknik 3RD DIMENSION BBD-320

...some different 106 sounds, e.g. bass, and match the volumes better. But here's where I've got up to so far: Roland RSP-550 set to Mode 4 Boss Dimension C set to Mode 3 Juno 106 set to Chorus I Apple Logic X stock Chorus plug-in TAL-Chorus-LX plug-in set to Chorus I Boss Waza-Craft Dimension C set to Mode 3/Normal Boss Waza-Craft Dimension...

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What gear are you thinking about selling next, and why?

next out - Behringer VC340 and Sequential Prophet 600 w / Gligli. Plus some rack effects (Roland DEP-5, Roland RSP550, Kurzweil Rumour, Alesis Midiverb II, Korg DVP-1) Making money and space for something else...I don't know what yet.

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