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Roland JX-8P
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The JX-8P is a decent analog polysynth. It has 6 voices of polyphony, great MIDI implementation and patch storage as well as an external memory cartridge slot. Though it is far more advanced than its predecessor, the JX-3P, the JX-8P has its drawbacks. Hands-on programming is sacrificed and reduced to assigning the parameter you want to tweak to a data-slider near the pitch/mod bender. Enter the PG-800 controller which gives you total control of all the JX-8P's editable parameters with hands-on traditional slider control. Membrane buttons dominate the front panel of the JX-8P providing access to the various preset and user patches and to page through and assign editable parameters.

Professional features can still be found under the hood of the JX-8P. Its 61 note keyboard is velocity and aftertouch sensitive. Just like the Juno synthesizers it uses DCO's for a very stable system, however its sounds are a little thin and bright. It also features portamento, unsion and solo (monosynth) performance modes.


New Roland Jupiter X / XM

Extracted from the Roland CEO interview which I'm sure most of the people has already read but in case not I just copied the part that talks about the Model Bank synths on the Jupiter X/Xm.

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Gear thread - Pics of your setups

...before velcro zip ties?! Jupiter 6 is too deep to sit on the stand, so it's alone. On the stand are JX8P, TX81Z, JD990 and CZ101. Used the stand to run all the cables along and tidy them up. The mess left is the midi cables really - they're all random lengths hence bunched up Want a...

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Modern Roland JX8P

I owned a JX8P for a few years, I was happy to get rid of it. Replaced it with a Deepmind which I think is much more versatile & sounds better

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